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Newer author Deborah MacGillivray doesn't let the grass grow under feet as she comes out swinging with what is sure to be another surefire hit since her overwhelmingly successful debut of A RESTLESS KNIGHT. Switching genres she proves herself by donning a new hat and writes a contemporary gem that is sure to gain a whole new set of fans for this budding master wordsmith.

B.A. Montgomerie is the Lady of the tiny Isle of Falgannon, a title passed to her at seventeen upon the death of her grandmother Maeve. With that title also came responsibilities and The Curse. In essence, that should the Lady not marry an outlander with black hair, green eyes, and be of Irish descent, the males on the isle would never find marital bliss, nor would there be any females born on the isle always leaving a shortage of marriageable women. Not one to allow The Curse to dictate her life, B.A. had come up with a scheme to advertise, via the internet Falgannon as the 'Isle of Love' and posting pictures of the braw (not mentioning quirky) laddies available.

The laddies on the isle had different ideas and knew the key to finding a wife was to get B.A. married off to a proper man before they'd find their happiness. Unexpectedly, Desmond Mershan came to invade her island, conquer her and destroy her world. The laddies knew Des was perfect for their Lady and would, in their own idiosyncratic ways, set out to make it happen!

*** Once again MacGillivray has come up with a perfect recipe in this engaging tale blending in a terrific locale, quirky characters, humor, and sizzling sensuality into this very entertaining read. Her lead players are perfectly matched and their witty repartee foreplay was totally enhanced by the comments and actions of her lads and one very endearing poker playing fat cat. Skillfully using a plethora of enormously funny secondary characters MacGillivray keeps the tone light while keeping the dark secrets that haunt Desmond from completely surrendering to his love for B.A. All will delight in this well-written keeper and be holding their breath waiting for sequels to feature the rest of the Montgomerie sisters as they find the men of their dreams.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 6, 2007



There was something about the Brigadoon-like Falgannon, something that kept most of its male inhabitants unwed. From Michael the Story to Callum the Bicycle - and we mustn't forget The Cat Dudley, the slyest poker-playing moggie in the Outer Hebrides - every male of the Isle had happiness dependent upon that of its Lady. So things had been since Pictish times, and so they would be long after the present day.

Despite her machinations, to this point B.A. Montgomerie had been unable to make her men happy. Her first marriage had been against their advice; her husband had been an Irishman, true, but he had failed to meet other necessary requirements...and things had ended badly. Now, another Irishman had come - and was making the natives restless. Yes, the men of Falgannon could sense Desmond Mershan's conquering Viking spirit and his desire for B.A. - which B.A. could sense herself. And while her men would never let anything happen that she didn't want, this Irishman had come to pillage and loot, and nothing was going to stop him. Staring into his vibrant green eyes, B.A. anticipated the battles to come.

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The Invasion of Falgannon Isle
(Sisters of Coldford Hall: Book 1)
by Deborah MacGillivray

Love Spell
November 1, 2006
Available: November 28, 2006
ISBN #0505526913
EAN #9780505526915
341 pages
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