"a delightful, erotic vampire romance"

Dani, a romance novelist, goes to Club Strigori, to research her new vampire romance. While there, Dani gets hit on by a drunk, who becomes abusive. She is saved by Bram, who throws the drunk out and tries to make Dani at ease. Bram noticed Dani from the moment that she walked into his club. Even though Dani hides her figure under baggy clothes and sticks out like a sore thumb, Bram feels an instant and strong attraction for her. Bram tries to convince Dani to return and hopes to have a relationship with her. Unfortunately, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and Dani might not be able to live with Bram's secret.

NOVEL EXPERIENCE is a very enjoyable vampire romance, which realistically captures the growing relationship between a great couple. I loved the way Ms. Lynn showed the hesitancy and insecurities of both the hero and heroine, as they determined their own feelings and the feelings of the other person. Bram is a great hero, who supports Dani and sticks with her through thick and thin. Dani, who has allowed her family to give her a poor self-image, comes out of her shell with the aid of Bram's love.

NOVEL EXPERIENCE is a delightful, erotic vampire romance; I highly recommend it.

Posted April 3, 2006

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted January 3, 2007


Sequel to "Beneath the Surface" Dani enters Club Strigoi for inspiration for her newest novel. At first she is harassed, but a handsome bouncer comes to her aid. Now that she's been given the go ahead from her editor, she wants to reenter the Club to gain insight on the setting and tone of her book. But even more than that, she wants to see him again.

When Dani tells Bram that she's only there for research purposes, he feels disappointed, but agrees to help her. As they become friends, he finds it becoming harder and harder to keep his hands off her body, especially once she begins to shed her baggy attire for clothes that hug her curves.

How will Dani react when she finds out the true inspiration for her novel, Bram, is more like the Vampire Hero than she could ever have guessed?

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Novel Experience
by Sandy Lynn

January 1, 2007
ISBN #1933471786
EAN #9781933471785
94 pages
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