"Wonderful tale of love found and lost!"

Finally home after fostering with another noble, Cody can't wait to see his family. So off he heads to his father's tent among all those assembled here for the festival. After dancing with his mother, Cody's father is thirsty and Cody goes to fetch some ale. On his way back to his father's tent, someone bumps into Cody, spilling the ale all over him. When Cody looks up, he sees a most entrancing sight. A beautiful woman wearing a crown of oak leaves upon her brow. The ale and his father forgotten, Cody and the beautiful woman dance, and dance some more. Until a man approaches them and claims the woman is his.

Nerys Devi has no tender feelings for Gerard, the man her father signed a marriage contract for her to wed. Gerard treats her as a possession, a means to gaining her father's fortune, and nothing more. When she accidentally spills ale all over a man, she is instantly attracted to him and dances with him, until Gerard interrupts them. When her father appears and both men are ordered to separate areas, Nerys wonders what will happen.

Lord Devi doesn't even recognize Cody anymore. Since he can spot the growing attraction between Cody and his daughter, Nerys, he decides to give both Cody and Gerard a chance to win Nerys' heart. After a year of both men courting Nerys, she will have to chose between them.

One morning before dawn, Cody and Nerys meet and Cody takes Nerys to a fairy ring. He warns her never to enter one. Once in the fairy realm, it is nigh impossible to find a way out. The love between them grows and Cody gives Nerys a necklace with a heart. He keeps one for himself. Both necklaces have an initial engraved upon them; one has an N and the other, a C.

Not surprisingly, Nerys makes her decision to marry Cody. Gerard is definitely not pleased with this turn of affairs and arranges for Cody to have a fatal accident. On his way to get official release from the noble he fostered with, Cody is set upon by two men. Instead of killing him outright, they throw him into a fairy ring and Cody disappears. They steal Cody's necklace, which is found upon them when they are caught.

Nerys is now alone without Cody. What will happen to her? Will Nerys ever give up the hope of being with Cody? Will Gerard give up, or will he continue to pursue Nerys? What of Cody? Will he ever find his out of the fairy realm?

THIEF OF DREAMS is a fantastic story of love and magic back in medieval times. Once again, Sheri L. McGathy delivers a poetic story. The beauty of Sheri McGathy's words once again had me enthralled as I listened to this story of a once in a lifetime love. A love Nerys refused to abandon when Cody was lost to her. Gerard is the perfect evil villain in this story as he refuses to accept his loss of her father's wealth and lands when Nerys falls in love with Cody. He is always plotting something to get his way and the ending of this story is very satisfying. I have never been disappointed by anything Sheri McGathy writes and this story is no exception to that. This is one story you don't want to miss!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted January 3, 2007


On the edge of sunset, hidden within the blue-gray hues of the coming night, dwell the realms of twilight places where dreams become realities and reality is nothing but a dream. Within this quiet nothingness, nestled just on this side of starlight, the realm of Faery exists, safely tucked between the never was and the evermores. At least, this is what I believe. I hope you enjoy Thief of Dreams. Sheri L. McGathy THIEF OF DREAMS by Sheri L. McGathy: Nerys Devi has met the man she could love with all her heart, the one she would share her dreams with. Yet, fate has other plans. Instead of sharing her dreams, will he now be doomed to haunt them?


Thief of Dreams
by Sheri L. McGathy

Double Dragon
April 1, 2005
Available: April 1, 2005
ISBN #1554042402
EAN #9781554042401
72 pages
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