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Kathleen Nance is a writer that just gets better and better with each novel. Each book amazes me how much control and depth she imbues her book with, making them stand out head and shoulders above the pack. She has been writing two series lines for Dorchester Publishing's Lovespell - the Djinns and the Immortals. Djinns are not your "I Dream of Jeannie" djinns, but strong, sensual characters that keep popping into the mortal world for one reason or another. Nance seems very adapt at creating the two worlds for readers. The Immortals are the children of the Ancient Greek Gods who are doomed to unhappy lives unless they fall in love with another of these children. Both lines are brilliant conceived, and the world and laws within both take place are amazing. For a writer to be successful in creating alternative/fantasy worlds, they have to SEE it in their minds. If they cannot see, smell, taste and breathe these other worlds, their readers won't either. But Nance is one of the best at this sort of magic.

This new book DAY OF FIRE is her first step away from her Djinns and Immortals. I know of few fans will be at first disappointed it's not an Immortal or Djinn - and we will all hope she will return to theses series one day soon. However, they will be floored by this new work. It's is her BEST work yet, and it leaves the reader breathless from first page to the last.

It is the second book in a series of at least five - the first being powerhouse Susan Grant's THE LEGEND OF BONZAI MCGUIRE. Nance's DAY OF FIRE finds Day Daniels as a female Mountie in Canada in the year 2176. From first page to last, she keeps you riveted unable to put this book down. Day is a kick a*** ranger on the track of the militant group that killed her partner. Much to dismay she is now forced to take on a new partner, and he is not even a Mountie! Dr. Lian Firebird is a plague-hunter - a doc that tracked down terrorist release virus that saw the US erect a plasma barrier at the border to separate Canada from the US. Since her dead partner tested positive for a new virus they have never seen, it is urgent to track down the No- Borderer Terrorists and stop the release of this new plague.

Day is a by the rules Mountie. She eats sleeps and breathes RCMP; cut her and she bleeds maple-sugar. So, being partner with the sexy Doctor who breaks all the rules goes against Day's sense of what is right. In spite of this total commitment to duty, Day cannot resist falling for the no- rules plague-hunter.

Nance brings post-plague Canada into a vivid sharpness; you don't read this book, you join Day and Liam in a slam-bang wild adventure that leaves you breathless. It's been a joy to see Nance's talent growing with each and every book. But she really outdoes herself with this one. Dare we hope for more Day Adventures?

If so, move over J.D. Robb, there is a new futuristic lady of the law!!

Posted June 5, 2004

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 3, 2007


Canada: For over a century it's been closed off, quarantined. Now, in 2176, its people thrive. The country still needs peacekeepers, though.and the Mounties are there. Be It All. Do It All. Those are the high-tech police force's twin mottos. They're Day Daniels's mottos, too. But things are heating up. Someone or something called the Shadow Voice is broadcasting treason, and Day's determined to stamp it out. Seeking the source of the threat, she meets Lian Firebird, an enigmatic government operative. He, insists.upon joining her trek to the legendary Citadel. Well, Day decides, Mounties work alone, but she can still do and be it all.even with this hunk at her heels.

Check out Book #1 of this incredible series: THE LEGEND OF BANZAI MAGUIRE (April 04) by Susan Grant.

Don't Miss Book #3 of the series coming soon: THE SHADOW RUNNERS (June 04) by Liz Maverick.

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Day of Fire
(2176 Series: Book 2)
by Kathleen Nance

Love Spell
May 1, 2004
Available: May 1, 2004
ISBN #0505525917
EAN #9780505525918
384 pages
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