"Brilliant Debut book!"

If asked, I would not declare myself an avid futuristic romance fan. Only I find myself reading a lot of really outstanding books in this sub-genre of late. Add a new voice to those "Stellar" Starblazers...Robin T. Popp. The book is breathtaking! At times, the tension was just so intense I had to remind myself to breathe! Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but not by much. TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN is one great book.

This book starts off with a frantic pace as galactic smuggler Angel Torrence finally sees freedom in her grasp. She has just made the last payment on her nifty space shuttle, and now she is her own boss. The last eight years she's been on the run from the ruler of planet Coronado - her tyrant grandfather, so she is looking forward to this independence. No sooner has she taken that first breath as owner, she watches in horror as raiders blow her ship.

In the carnage of the attack, she "borrows" a spaceship Icarus to escape. Only this is no ordinary craft in the computer system is the life-essence of Commander Nicoli Romanof. He has separated it from his body, allowed that body to be captured by the dread Harvesters. His intent is to retake his body and put an end their operation of stealing and black-marketing bodies and body parts. His pilot was killed in the same attack as Angel's ship is destroyed so he must have a top pilot to make sure he gets there so he can bring the two parts of himself together and end the Harvesters' operations. While Angel is one of the best pilots, she has a problem with taking orders, and Nicoli refuses to put a female in harms way.

That much of an adventure would be enough for a single book alone and would dazzle us but it's just the start of this amazing adventure. Nicoli and Angel are vividly conjured; they just steal your heart. The futuristic world is brilliantly realized under the gifted talent of Popp.

If you delight in futuristic romances, you MUST read this one. Even readers who might think they wouldn't enjoy one will thrill to this story...that picks you up and never lets you down. TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN is a perfect title, for you will feel like the mythical Icarus after reading this scorcher!

Posted September 29, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 3, 2007


Galactic smuggler Angel Torrence resents Colonel Nicoli Romanof from the first order he barks at her. His disembodied voice instructs her to set a course for the most perilous planet in the solar system. On the riskiest mission of his career, Nicoli allowed his life essence and his physical form to be separated. Now he needs the cocky pilot who's stolen his vessel to help him retrieve his person and destroy the deadly race of aliens. Angel will move heaven and earth to prove she is up to the task. But she never expects the colonel's physique to be so magnificent—or his heart to be so courageous. And when passion flares between them, she knows they've found love.


Too Close to the Sun
by Robin T. Popp

Love Spell
July 1, 2003
Available: July 1, 2003
ISBN #050552547X
EAN #9780505525475
320 pages
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