"Goblins will getcha if you don't watch out!!"

Do you know what the French word is for Goblin? Do you know what Goblin fruit is and why it's so addictive? Do you ever wonder what deodorants Goblins use? Do you have any idea why you do not want Jack Frost nipping at your nose? Or why Goblins will not drive American made cars?

Well, these and other intriguing Goblin questions have answers and can be found at or in the books by talented writer Melanie Jackson. With the style and panache of a tightrope walker, she leads us a merry chase in her first of the Wildside Romances, dealing with the Goblins of the Lutine Empire. This one is called TRAVELER and it is a highly imaginative work that draws the reader into the seamy underworld of Goblins, The Fey and rock singers with more than one set of mammary glands. She will keep you turning the pages, wondering down what dark corridor Ms. Jackson will lead you next. Jackson, always a strong writer of historical romance fiction and paranormal romance with near poetic prose, demonstrated in her recent books BELLE and THE SELKIE that she has a deft hand with the lighter comedic touches to romance delivered with a twinkle in the eye and a dimple in a cheek.

She brings this magical talent to bear in painting the spooky tale of Jonathan (Jack) Frost and Io Cypher. Looks like we have trouble right here in Goblin City...a.k.a. Detroit. This quasi-futuristic Detroit, under the Lutine Empire, evokes memories of the hard-edged Detroit of the movie Rob Cop or John Carpenter's Escape from New York. A town where lawlessness is the law, life is cheap and the average nice person is just another toy or meal for the uglies that roam freely in this nightmarish, grim wasteland. Survival of the fittest is the only game in Goblin City and it's merely complicated by all sorts of magic.

The rest of the United States has sort of taken a hands- off policy toward the city of Detroit - now called Goblin City. It has been turned over to the Goblins of the Lutine Empire. The Goblins are escapees of France. They peddle Goblin Fruit, which is addictive on par with crack or ecstasy, but they are also secretly waging a quiet warfare with biochems in their perfume. Io Cypher feels this is very dangerous to mankind and will do what she must to stop it. Having lost her mother to Goblin Fruit addiction, she has a personal bone to pick with the creepy critters. Io is a member of H.U.G.S (Humans Under Ground) and has been sent in to find Horroban, the head of the Lutine Empire, before the Goblins find a magic crystal that could strengthen and extend the Goblin's rule outside of Goblin City. Jack Frost a "death fey" is on the trail of the crystal, too, and links up with Io. Both quickly come to the conclusion that Io was sent in more to distract Jack from finding the crystal before another of the H.U.G.S agent reaches it. However, this dynamic duo soon has a meeting of the minds and decides the perfume the goblins is making to be a bigger danger to humankind. So they team up to stem the rising Goblin threat, while fighting sparks that fly between them.

It is a wonderful, refreshing bit of fun!! The second in the series THE OUTSIDER is set for release in early 2004. So, if you are looking for a little something different, pour yourself a wee cup of Goblin tea and enjoy the roller coaster ride through Goblintown.

Posted August 31, 2003

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 3, 2007


Welcome to Motor City

Detroit has been taken over by goblins and become a city-state run by an evil warlord who has ambitions of world domination. Police have failed to apprehend him. Left to thwart him and save the human world are two faerie agents provocateur; the powerful death fey, Jack Frost, and the elusive siren fey, Io Cyphre.

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(Wildside: Book 1)
by Melanie Jackson

August 1, 2003
Available: August 12, 2003
ISBN #050552533X
EAN #9780505525338
368 pages
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