"Spangler at her high-flying best!"

There are some hot names in Furturistic/Sci-Romance today, but to those who embraced the sub genre years ago, you will know one name was there leading the way: Catherine Spangler. She just gets better and better with each book in her Shielder series. SHADOW CROSSING, I think, is my favorite of all her talented works. I just love the premise!

Celie Cameron was raised in a rough part of the Universe, saw horrors done to her family that have left their scars, deep scars. Now, after escaping through a wormhole with other Shielders, she is a smuggler, skirting on the edge of the law in Quadrant 9. In the past two years, she has been more legit -- okay, boring. Her deliveries are almost always legit, there is no need for laser blasting, fights with the Controller ships. So when she lands, delivering her next shipment on time, she is caught off guard by the condition of the planet where she lands. The place is a slum, and it smells of trouble. In fact, the whole place smells.

She has little time to consider this appalling condition, because she ??discover??s Raven has stolen away and plans on having an adventure with Celie. Nineteen, Raven is a Shielder, an orphan, who had been sold into slavery by the Anteks. Nessa and Chase rescued her (SHEILDER) and raised her as their daughter. With the apprehension over the planet's condition, and now the burden of worrying over Raven, Celie just wants to make contact with Max, her client, get her money and "get the hell out of Dodge" before something bad happens.

She meets Rurick, who she thinks is Max. The sexy man, with the golden eyes, turns out to be Max's android. One made to look just like Max. Max, Rurick, Calie and Raven are making the transfer of merchandise when they are attacked. Max saves Raven and Celie and Rurick escape into Max's ship. Celie is upset about leaving her ship behind because it means she has nothing but Rurick and Max refuse to return Raven and her. Celie soon learns that Max and Rurick are on an important mission to fight an ever- growing evil.

I cannot reveal more without ruining the delightful tale. This is Spangler at her very best. Max and Rurick are both sexy hunks but with a great sense of humor that keeps you smiling at their antics, especially as Raven falls for the stoic Max and Celie lets down her walls of fear to let Rurick near.

So if you love high-flying Sci-Romance, then don't hesitate. This is one super read.

Posted September 30, 2004

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 3, 2007


Ex-smuggler Celie Cameron meets her match in a mysterious android pilot, one who harbors surprising secrets of his own. Celie can handle the glaxay-spanning intrigue and deception into which Rurick throws her, but her attraction to him is another matter entirely. Forced together by circumstance, Celie and Rurick blaze across the galaxy, engaged in the oldest combat of all - the battle of the sexes.


Shadow Crossing
(Shielder Series book 4)
by Catherine Spangler

Love Spell
April 1, 2003
Available: October 30, 2006
ISBN #0505525240
EAN #9780505525246
368 pages
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