"A bright & sexy Irish romance"

I have read all the IRISH EYES series of romances, and for the most part have been very impressed with the stories set in Ireland ranging from medievals to contemporaries. I am pleased to say Stover's is one of the best. She has followed up this one with MULLIGAN MAGIC so I am looking forward to it.

MULLIGAN STEW is perfect title for this wonderful book! Deb Stover gives us a little bit of everything in a "stew" that is seasoned to perfection. A little humor, a gentle woman that is not worn down by life, a sexy Irish rogue, a castle in Ireland with a curse from lovers past and a torrid romance!! Simply wonderful!!

Years ago, Cully Mulligan visited the United States and swept Bridget off her feet. She fell desperately in love with him; they were quickly married, but then he vanished, never to return, no call or letter to explain why. For years, Bridget presumes Cully abandoned her and the son he never knew he had fathered, forcing her to work to support herself and their son. She had been living with her Granny in Tennessee, but the book opens with a sweet mix of sadness and humor over her granny dying due to their dog General Lee. She thinks being stuck with General Lee is the worst of her problems, but she soon finds out granny was a gambler and their trailer is about to be repossessed.

But suddenly fate steps in. Bridget learns Culley did not abandon her, but was killed in a car accident. Since they were just married there was no reference to her as next of kin, and none of his family in Ireland knew he had married, so she was never notified. However, Culley's mum has learned that Culley was married and fathered a son, and she want Bridget and Culley's son, Jacob, to come home to Ireland. Not having any family left, and no reason to stay in Tennessee, Bridget sucks up her courage and takes Jacob's son to live with his father's family. Right off, Culley's mum and sister accept them with open arms, especially since Jacob is the image of Culley. They are all the family Bridget could hope for Jacob and herself.

Only one thing stops this new home from being a dream come true: Culley's brother, Riley. Sexy, drop-dead gorgeous Riley thinks Bridget is a lying fortune hunter. He will not believe Culley married her, that his brother would not marry an uneducated Yank when he had a childhood sweetheart waiting in Ireland for him. And he is determined to prove that she is nothing but a golddigger trying to steal the family's land.

However, his determination to hate her is instantly undermined when he recognizes Bridget as the woman who has been haunting his dreams for decades. Ever since he was 17, he had torrid dreams of himself and this woman he had never seen but they are really images, memories from another era and connected to the castle on the hill. The dreams had just about stopped, but come roaring back when he recognizes Bridget as that woman. And now, Bridget is having the same dream!

Toss in a gloomy Irish Castle ruins haunted with a tragic lovers curse and you have a warm winning combination that you cannot resist. Her characters are strong, well drawn, and Stover gives flashes of brilliant humor. I just could not put this one down! Stover is able to put her heritage to work giving you very literal portrayals of both Tennessee accents and Irish ones. Having lived my whole life with a foot in Scotland and the other in Kentucky, I instantly recognized Stover's ability to due justice to both sides of the pond with love and humor.

Posted March 30, 2003

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 3, 2007


Single mother Bridget Mulligan is on the verge of homelessness when her late husband's family invites her and her son to Ireland. Irish in-laws sound like more trouble than Grandpa's coonhound when the neighbor's poodle goes into heat, but Bridget is out of options.

Riley Mulligan believes the American temptress is only after their property, though he can't deny her son's resemblance to his late brother. Unfortunately, Riley also finds Bridget's guileless and bewitching ways dangerously desirable....

The Mulligans' ancestral castle overlooking the sea haunts Bridget, and she realizes that her dreams are somehow tied to the ancient keep. And to the mysterious man who is her brother-in-law....

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Mulligan Stew
(Mulligan: Book 1)
by Deb Stover

Jove (Irish Eyes)
June 1, 2002
Available: May 28, 2002
ISBN #0515133094
EAN #9780515133097
320 pages
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