"A wonderful fantasy story sure to delight readers"

Sheri L McGathy once again writes a wonderful fantasy story with Thief of Dreams sure to delight readers, be they old fans or new.

Between day and night lies the "in-between" time where magic exists and lucky believers may see faeries dancing. But never ever step in to a Faery ring, no matter how strong the desire is to do so.

Nerys has been betrothed for a year to the cruel Gerard. She has never loved him but was committed to the betrothal contract for the sake of her father, Lord Devi. Then the day comes that she meets Cody, and all her desires say she belongs with him. Now begins the competition for her heart. Whoever wins her love will be her husband, with her father's blessing. However, sometimes fate intervenes...

Cody is trapped beyond the boundaries of the mortal realm, cursed to only see Nerys in her dreams. She has not given up hope though and help comes from unlikely sources. Now she must embark on an adventure to rescue her love from the world of Faery. Can she save him from the Thief of Dreams? Or will the jilted Gerard have his own way?

Sheri L McGathy does an incredible job of vividly creating the dual worlds of mortal and Faery. Readers will see the Faery rings in the forest as they form and vanish, along with the beings within. The concept of interaction between human and Faery is an intriguing one, adding a new bend to the idea that the Fae are mischievous tricksters.

The innocent love between Cody and Nerys is strong and true, keeping Nerys holding on to the hope he will one day return to her. Their dream encounters are full of life and emotion, enough to make readers believe love can conquer all.

Lance McDayter does a fantastic job bringing Thief of Dreams to life. His strong voice can be made to sound forbidding or kind, strong or whimsical. The addition of sound effects to parts of the tale lends a mystical feel, giving readers chills on more than one occasion.

Kelley A. Hartsell, March 2006. All rights reserved.
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Posted April 25, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 2, 2007


On the edge of sunset, hidden within the blue-gray hues of the coming night, dwell the realms of twilight places where dreams become realities and reality is nothing but a dream. Within this quiet nothingness, nestled just on this side of starlight, the realm of Faery exists, safely tucked between the never was and the evermores. At least, this is what I believe. I hope you enjoy Thief of Dreams. Sheri L. McGathy THIEF OF DREAMS by Sheri L. McGathy: Nerys Devi has met the man she could love with all her heart, the one she would share her dreams with. Yet, fate has other plans. Instead of sharing her dreams, will he now be doomed to haunt them?


Thief of Dreams
by Sheri L. McGathy

Double Dragon
April 1, 2005
Available: April 1, 2005
ISBN #1554042402
EAN #9781554042401
72 pages
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