"a wonderful Viking historical"

When her elderly husband Raynor dies, Marion is told by her king that she will wed again. Her husband-to-be- is Wyborn the Indomitable; a fierce Viking warrior that was just as likely to attack and pillage her home if he didn't marry her. To save her people she agrees to the marriage with Wyborn.

Only Raynor's second in command Bodin, thinks he should be awarded the lovely Lady Marion and Ravenhill. Planning to take control of Ravenhill with a surprise attack, he instead flees a coward when Wyborn arrives more than prepared for the assault.

Kate Hill has written a wonderful Viking historical. Both are surprised with each other as a person and as a spouse. Wyborn is a fierce warrior yes, but he is also very protective of his people and considerate of their needs. Marion is perfect for him as a wife; she is strong willed and really needed a man who could be a husband, more so than a father. What I really like about her though is as a historical character, she is very feminine even though she is strong willed. I also really like the fact that even though she initially tried to kill him, I think this is what first attracts Raynor to Marion!

I enjoyed the plot and the tension created because Bodin wants Ravenhill and is sore over getting his ass kicked (because he is a sleaze-bag and got what he deserves!). I also greatly admire authors that stick characters in "sticky" situations and there are consequences that cannot be let off lightly (and the author doesn't!). However, because every night there was a bedroom scene between Wyborn and Marion, I feel that the story started to loose some of its tempo.

If you want to consider Bodin the villain, there is a secondary villain that I found very interesting, completely misunderstood and in need of starting his life over and getting over his life long grudge. Assuming he survives, I would be very interested in reading his story!

All and all, THE CHIEFTANS BRIDE was an excellent change of pace for me, and I would recommend the story.

Courtesy eBookIsle
August 23, 2005

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted January 1, 2007


Marion of Ravenhill was a pawn in a warrior's world, promised to the Viking raider, Wyborn, for his fierce protection of the British shoreline. She vowed he would never have her heart, but from the moment they meet, the attraction between them is nearly overwhelming.


The Chieftan's Bride
by Kate Hill

New Concepts Publishing
April 1, 2005
ISBN #1586085255
EAN #9781586085254
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