"wonderful merging of writing talents"

Ry Trall is from the first family, The Clan of the Blood. In order to maintain the family's status, he must find a replacement horse or he will loose the upcoming race that decides the status of all the families. He knows of the perfect horse, and after walking days to track the creature, finds it just in time to watch his prize get taken by an outcast: a slip of a girl with no family.

Sahra needs the unicorn for her own purposes. Finding the one man who is her natural mate presents a serious problem.

I really enjoyed UNICORN QUEST and want to add I was expecting two stories rather than one story jointly written. Ellen Fisher and Angelica Hart did a wonderful job merging their writing talents together to appear seamless.

I really liked the fact that to Ry, the creature he seeks is actually a horse with an antler that will be shed; but the same creature is a unicorn to Sahra. But what impressed me the most is that the unicorn became a secondary character with its own identity.

Ry and Sahra are natural mates, a rare but sacred occurrence for their people. Each lives a completely different lifestyle and firmly believes that their society is correct. Ry is part of the First family, while Sahra is an outcast -- she should be alone with no family or protection.

As they battle their own desires for each other to train the unicorn for the big race, you really learn about their world and beliefs. I love the sensual tension between them. For me, it makes the relationship more believable. Ry and Sahra each have secrets that create a couple twists in the plot. While we know about the secrets as a reader, the twits have interesting results on our leading couple when they are revealed.

I had no idea what to expect from UNICORN QUEST; and I think the story is excellent. Ry and Sahra's world is a cross between medieval and yet, very modern. For their world to survive there must be some major changes in the social structure and beliefs they follow as people. I really hope there are more books in this series as it has so many possibilities and I for one, am hooked!

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Posted June 8, 2006

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted January 1, 2007


Ry, r'uban (prince) of Ror q'Trall, discovers the A'tril (clan outcast) Sahra psychically bonded with the unicorn he planned to capture. He needs the stallion to win the Cyril, a race that determines a clan's placement among its peers. Without proper placement a clan is subject to raids and Ry is determined to protect his own.

Sahra needs the unicorn's magic to abolish the antiquated practices of clansmen that produce nothing but fatality and devastation. The determined adversaries find themselves battling not just opposing quests but a blazing love that threatens to consume their hearts and destroy their world. Rating: Explicit sex and adult language.


Unicorn Quest
by Ellen Fisher, Angelica Hart

New Concepts Publishing
February 1, 2005
ISBN #1586083708
EAN #9781586083700
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