"Kendrick the ghost and Genevieve share a castle and more"

Genevieve Buchanan is a owner of a successful interior design business who has always dreamed of knights in shining armor and castles. But when she inherits a castle in England she refuses it until her business falls apart. Although she is unaware that the man behind her business disaster is waiting in the castle to destroy her.

Kendrick de Piaget is an arrogant and charming 13th Century Knight who was murdered in the castle Genevieve inherited. He's haunted it for 700 years. His plan is simple. When the last Buchanan is either dead or insane he can get the title of the castle in his name and then he can rest. Genevieve is the last sane member of her family, thanks to his haunting abilities. So it should be easy right?

Genevieve's first encounter with Kendrick is wonderfully comical. Please understand this is not a scary book. She picks his room to sleep in which Kendrick doesn't like. She hears thump, grumble. When she looks what she sees is a huge man drenched in blood glaring evilly at her with his arms reached out towards her, an arrow protruded in his chest, and he said "Begone wench if you're life means aught". And that's just what Genevieve wants to do. She didn't want to stay in the house with the ghost even if it is her dream castle. Luckily Worthington (the Butler) convinces her to stay, that there's nothing to fear. There are so many funny scenes that I laughed till I cried. Genevieve realizes Kendrick can't hurt her. He does scare her several times. In one scene she wants to know if he can get through a locked door. He's baffled why she's asking him that. When all he's wanting is for her to leave. While he ponders that she goes into her/his room and locks him out. Its hilarious. She just ignores him which he doesn't like, and then she walks right through him. Its full of laughs.

Kendrick and Genevieve come to a truce. They're going to share the castle. They watch TV together (Kendrick loves football). Kendrick tells her about his life and family and she meets the assortment of ghosts who are under Kendrick's command, including his best friend, Royce, and servant, Nazir, who were murdered with him (some of these ghosts appear in Lynn's historical books, so its before their death, including Kendrick of course).

Kendrick's funny, he likes to be the center of attention, he definitely doesn't like to be ignored, and they fall in love. Genevieve fears physical intimacy. But she's comfortable with Kendrick, although he's big, bossy, arrogant, and sometimes gruff, he's a ghost. Nothing can happen right? Or is it possible Kendrick can have another chance at life considering his was stole from him and can he help Genevieve overcome her fears.

I wish I could do this book justice, but I know I can't. The humor is incredible. The love story is wonderful and the ending is fantastic. This is my all time favorite Paranormal Romance and it most definitely has a happy ending.

Sheila Bragg/ October, 1999
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Posted November 13, 2001


Haunting Hearts
Daydreaming of her wonderful castle, she imagined that it contained a handsome, brave knight --

Suddenly, her eyes flew open. She scrambled over her chair, looking with alarm at what was quivering in front of her, only an inch away from where her toes had dangled off the edge....

It was a sword. "I'll not miss my mark a second time." A deep voice grated from behind her. She whirled around. It was her knight. It was also her ghost.

Genevieve Buchanan inherited a castle -- and a ghost to go along with it. But Kendrick de Piaget was no typical ghost. He was a handsome and infuriatingly arrogant thirteenth-century knight. At first he wanted to frighten Genevieve, though she was more charmed than scared by his ghostly tricks. But when his thoughts turned to wooing instead, Genevieve had to face her greatest fear: falling in love.


Stardust Of Yesterday
(dePiaget #1)
by Lynn Kurland

April 1, 1996
Available: April 1, 1996
ISBN #0515118397
EAN #9780515118391
350 pages
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