"a very satisfying science fiction tale"

This is the first work I've read of Nicole Givens Kurtz and I doubt it will be the last. Zephyr Unfolding is a well written, thought provoking, fast paced novel based on the premise that the Earth of the future has been under biological siege by those whose job it had been to protect it. Once again, greed and the pursuit of supreme power are the corrupt driving force behind the United World Council (UWC) with the Resistance force fighting for freedom.

The Resistance movement is all that stands between the UWC and total world domination and their methods have been to systematically destroy the biosphere of Earth. In the UWC's attempt at world control, the wars preceding this story, a killer virus was unleashed upon the unsuspecting populace, and then a miracle cure released to a select few. Unfortunately for the UWA, the virus mutated and is now incurable. Water supplies, land, animals were all systematically poisoned or contaminated making almost the entire surface of the planet unlivable. Floating cites and water travel in sub-like crafts, are now the norm.

In a surprise attack Ren, second in command to the Resistance, finds his island hideaway compromised and the woman, Angel, whom he has come to love, kidnapped by the UWC. When he is forbidden to go after her, and called back to the Resistance home base, he becomes steadily more aware of things that just don't seem right. In a bizarre twist, he is sent out on a "diplomatic" mission, only to find the man he was to meet murdered and himself framed for the murder. Ren's crew however, manages to escape due to the ineptness of the murderer and knowing Ren did not commit the murder and has not gone rogue as accused by home base, they choose to go after him against orders to return to base.

Angel has been imprisoned, tortured and abused after her kidnap in an attempt to reveal the location of the Resistance home base, which ironically she has no knowledge of. When Ren is thrown into the cell across from hers after his capture by UWC forces, she must keep her feelings for Ren hidden or risk having him killed for that reason alone. Angered by the abuse suffered by Angel at the hands of UWC personnel, Ren overpowers a synthetic human guard and they escape into the ship together.

Can Ren's crew rescue them from the UWC ship and if they do, will Ren, Angel and the crew be hanged for treason by the very Resistance they have spent their lives fighting for? Will Ren be able to find the proof necessary to clear his name and bring the real perpetrators to justice? Who and how high up do the betrayals go? Who can they trust to help?

This story line and characters lend themselves to lots of possibilities for future novels, but even if read as a stand alone novel, its well worth reading and holds its own as a very satisfying science fiction tale.

Courtesy Eternal Night

Reviewed by Leola Brooks
Posted January 1, 2007


Over a year has passed since Aurora, who was once Browne, escaped the Candidacy with her love, Bain to Canada. Life amongst the Resistance; however, does not bring peace for any extended amount of time as Ren, Angel, Bain and Aurora find out in Zephyr Unfolding. The Resistance cause is one that Second-in-Command Ren has fought for most of his adult life. But when a surprise attack results in Angel's abduction and threatens his rank, he is relieved and somewhat dismayed that he isn't demoted. Instead he is given a new assignment: meet with the mayor of Zephyr and convince him to join the Resistance. Once Ren reaches This is the sequel to Browne Candidate.

Zephyr things aren't what they seem. Before long he finds himself imprisoned onboard a United World Council ship for an assassination he did not commit. Scheduled to die in three days, Ren's crew must put their lives, their morals and their vows on the line to save him.


Zephyr Unfolding
by Nicole Givens Kurtz

November 1, 2005
Available: October 24, 2005
ISBN #1411641116
EAN #9781411641112
224 pages
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