"Love the fifth time around - a wild, hilarious adventure!"

Pink Jinx begins a brand new contemporary series by Sandra Hill (although a few old friends can't resist making surprise appearances).

Can't live with, can't live without, pretty much sums up the relationship between Boston lawyer Veronica "Ronnie" Jinkowsky and her professional poker playing, four times ex- husband Jake Jenson. Ronnie is sure she's learned her lesson this time but when she runs into Jake again in a New Jersey casino her hormones have other ideas. Then Jake introduces her to his new fiance Trish.

Ronnie's got bigger problems though. Her Grandfather Frank has decided to leave his treasure hunting business Jinx, Inc. to Ronnie, claiming that he's on the verge of bankruptcy and needs her help desperately. Ronnie had been raised by her grandmother, Frank's ex-wife Lillian, a starchy, bitter lawyer who Ronnie resembles more with each passing day.

Frank is determined Ronnie will not suffer the same fate and hatches a scheme to get her and Jake back together. He invites the two of them to join him on his final treasure hunt. The booty is a cache of pink diamonds once owned by the ancestors of Mafia widow Rosa Menotti. If that wasn't enough the treasure is part of a ship wreck, and Ronnie is deathly afraid of water.

Coincidentally Ronnie has tired of her law practice and too many people have mentioned her similarities to her grandmother lately. When Lillian threatens to fire her from the family law firm if she has anything to do with Frank, it's just the push Ronnie needs to make the break. Which is how Ronnie winds up on a boat, far out at sea with Frank and his divers which include Cajun hottie John LeDeux (Tee John), cover model handsome Adam Famosa who Jake refers to as "the Cuban Fabio", and Caleb Peachy a former Amish Navy SEAL who John's crazy, matchmaking Tante Lulu says could crack walnuts on his butt. Add to that that Frank's menopausal live in girlfriend Flossie and Rosa's two sons, the Mafia "wish fairies", and Ronnie's sure she's going out of her mind. All she needs now is for Jake to show up.

More surprises are in store as we learn if a fifth time is worth the gamble, Jake sure thinks it is! Hilarious as ever, Ms. Hill takes the reader on a wild ride filled with love and laughter. What could be better than that? Stay tuned for Caleb's adventure in PEARL JINX the next offering in the Jinx series.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 31, 2006



Caught! Straight-laced Boston lawyer Veronica "Ronnie" Jinkowsky knows something's fishy when her estranged grandfather lures her to his New Jersey treasure hunting business with woeful tales of old age and bankruptcy. But she never expected the salty old dog to shanghai her into a hunt for pink diamonds with her poker-playing, four-time ex-husband Jake Jensen in tow.


Betting her heart on Jake was always a losing proposition; yet just the sight of his come-hither blue eyes is still enough to melt her steely resolve. Now she's on a high seas' adventure that throws together lost gems, lost ship, and lost love--not to mention a Mafia widow, her two goons, and an elderly Cajun matchmaker hankering for hanky-panky--


Ronnie is trapped with the man she could never learn to live with--and was never happy without. A jinx of the best possible kind.


Pink Jinx
(Jinx: Book 1)
by Sandra Hill

Warner Books
November 1, 2006
Available: October 31, 2006
ISBN #0446616524
EAN #9780446616522
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