"a space adventure story"

This sequel to STARGAZER brings us further adventures of the mysterious Ruben, who helped save his friend from a Circe witch's plot. For those who wish to know about their life since the end of STARGAZER, Lilly and Shaun do aide Ruben during this story.

The Prologue gives us a peek into Ruben's past and court life, a life that he rejected but is about to endanger his future. Ruben rejected his birthright as Emperor Rashad DeMarco Monaco, son of the ruler's fourth wife and becomes an interstellar trader.

With a price on his head from the false charges of murdering his father and vivid dreams that his younger brother is in danger from a Circe witch, the last thing Ruben needs is to be shot down on a primitive planet.

Tess is a slave with no real memory of her past and her six-year-old son Boone is the only thing of value in her life. To help the crashed pilot would endanger them; so she can only give Ruben the barest first-aid. When he later is recuperating on her master's farm, Ruben tries to learn what Tess knows of his brother and what part she had in leading him to this planet.

Ruben was an entertaining character in the first book and he continues to intrigue as his story unfolds. Tess's life as a slave provides a contrast to Ruben's freedom and her devotion to her son is well expressed.

Although there is a well-done romance sub-plot, this is more a space adventure story. Sci-fi designed cultures with interstellar smuggling and Political intrigue build the major part of the story. The possibility of further plots by the Circe witches and Ruben's family remain at the end although there is the HEA (Happily Ever After) for Ruben and Tess as they explore a new life together.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted December 30, 2006


Fast-talking, hard-hitting, devil-may-care, Ruben could outmaneuver anyone who sought to attack him, charm any he chose to befriend. At the helm of his star ship he was invincible; when driving a hard bargain, unbeatable; in the bedroom of a beautiful woman, unstoppable. But the secrets of Ruben's past were about to catch up with him and put everything he thought he knew about himself to the test. Now his ship had crash-landed on a primitive world, the voice of his long-lost brother whispering in his mind was causing him to question his sanity, and a mysterious beauty had cut through all his defenses to the lonely man beneath. In Tess's arms he would find his true self, igniting a love that blazed through the night like a...



Shooting Star
(Star series: Book 2)
by Colby Hodge

Love Spell
November 1, 2006
ISBN #050552628X
EAN #9780505526281
384 pages
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