"sensual and tantalizing thrill ride"

A year after a deadly SARS-like plague has befallen the human race, leaving civilization as we know it in a political and sociological shambles, America is made up of paramilitary groups and self-governing, sporadic municipalities fighting to survive amidst the rubble.

Among the survivors is one young, blonde man with arresting, color-change eyes and bells and feathers in his long, braided hair, hence his moniker “Bells”.

Bells is a strange man with almost no memory of a violent, richly-textured past and a very vague memory of who he is and what he has done in his long lifetime. He is also a natural guardian and protector of the human race. His ability to protect anyone, however, even himself, is seriously hindered after his most recent trip through time leaves him critically injured. But from the prologue when the reader is introduced to Bells aka Jason, we learn that nothing and no one is what they seem, especially not a lone, mortally wounded young blonde.

Bells is just about at the end of his emotional rope when he is happened upon by a small, ragtag group of three men and two women fleeing Roderick—a sadistic megalomaniac and self-appointed dictator of the ensuing Lone Star Empire.

Nikki and Anya, the females of the group, have been rescued from a life of relative slavery and cruel degradation. Their defenders are Hawk, Roderick’s younger brother, and best friends Dal and Chet. Over the past year of their flight from enslavement and death, the group has grown extremely close, staving off attacks from outsiders and protecting and taking care of one another like family. It is with some reservations that the group decides to help Bells and accept him into their small but intrepid ranks.

Once Bells proves not only his usefulness and resourceful in repairing the group’s hopelessly disabled truck, but is revealed to be an Immortal who could possibly help Hawk defeat his power hungry brother, Bells and the group’s fate is forever linked and sealed.

Bells is a sensitive, indestructible but tortured hero to- die-for. Nikki is his beautiful, curative and courageous match in every way. Bells and Nikki’s combustible chemistry is the driving force behind Barnette’s fast- paced narrative and inventive, original world after the Collapse. The secondary characters are as engaging, multi- faceted and universal as are the hero and heroine; readers will laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry and get wet and shudder with pleasure when the hero and heroine climax, Barnette’s descriptions are that evocative. Rounding out the assorted cast of characters is Roderick’s ruthless villain bent on taking over the world and creating a race of Immortals to help him rule it.

Barnette writes with passion and creative metaphors that leap off the page into the reader’s heart and soul. The Highlander meets The Matrix and Mad Max, his story is a cross-genre bag of tricks and treats to titillate the palate of cross-genre fans from romance to adventure and bdsm, urban fantasy and shape-shifters, paranormal and futuristics and every other fan beyond and in between.

The first book that I have read by Michael Barnette (definitely won’t be the last!), Apocalypse Dance is a sensual and tantalizing thrill ride for the mind and soul, erotic romance at its finest and a book I highly recommend. I can hardly wait for the next story in the Immortal Heroes series, Games Dragons Play, to be released!

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted December 30, 2006


With the world population decimated by a mutated strain of Ebola civilization as we know it has gone down in ruin. Warlords rampage across what was once the United States of America, killing, raping and adding to the misery and horror that has swept the once proud nation.

Nikki, once on her way to becoming a brilliant doctor, is being sought as a concubine by Roderik, self-styled King of the Lone Star Empire.

Now it's up to Nikki, her friends and an enigmatic blond known only as Bells to stop his reign of terror.

The problem is, Roderik is an Immortal Dragon, and only another Dragon can kill him.

Elements: BDSM, toys

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Apocalypse Dance
(Immortal Heroes series)
by Michael Barnette

July 1, 2005
ISBN #1594265054
EAN #9781594265051
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