"Honor and love triumph in treacherous medieval time"

Lord Durand de Marle's wife has recently died in childbirth. He plans to ignore this new baby daughter because he doubts he is the father but then he meets his daughter's wet nurse, Christina. Durand is determined to resist his desire for Cristina.

Cristina was also talented at using herbs for soaps, sweet scents, and love potions for the ladies of the keep and soon became an important member of Ravenswood Castle. Although she find herself strongly attracted to Durand, she resists temptation using one of her own potions.

While she is true to her marriage vows, Christina is married to an abusive and philandering merchant, Simon le Gros. Thieves attacked a traveling party on de Marle land, killing the Bishop Domnic. Because of a book Durand gave Christina, the theft traced back to Simon. Realizing the obvious caring between his spouse and his lord, in revenge Simon accuses Christina as an accessory! Durand is compelled to come to her aid - even if his actions risk his life and infuriate King John. 

This is different from Ms. Lawrence's quest books VIRTUAL HEAVEN and VIRTUAL DESIRE and her contemporary paranormal short story in PARADISE. She shows the same attention to detail and bringing the world alive for the reader in her historical tale. Although I enjoy medieval romances, I'm not an authority on the time. The historical parts seem accurate and were a working part of the story. The intricate mix of facts and story make for a full scale reading entertainment. I must not be the only one who thought so as LORD OF THE MIST made the USA TODAY Best Seller List!

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 12, 2001


2001 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award Winner - Best Medieval Historical Romance

Forgive the sins of my wife,' he prayed. 'Forgive the winter cold of my heart.' For as he knelt in the darkened chapel by his wife's lifeless body, he knew the babe she had birthed could not be his. The scent of spring--blossoms, wet leaves, damp earth--preceded the alluring woman into the chapel. As she honored his dead wife with garlands, she seemed to bring him fresh hope, just as she nourished the little girl his wife had left behind. Even though she was not his, could it be wrong to reach out for life, for love? As he watched her nurse the child in the walled courtyard whre his wife had met her lovers, he could not deny his longing for her lush kiss, could not ignore her urging to turn away from yesterday's sorrows and embrace tomorrow's sweetness.


Lord Of The Mist
by Ann Lawrence

Love Spell
July 1, 2001
ISBN #0505524430
EAN #9780505524430
400 pages
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