"Gwen found Vad snoring but once awake he takes he on the adventure of her life"

Ms. Lawrence continues the TOLEMAC adventure started in VIRTUAL HEAVEN. The hero and heroine are the friends of Kered and Maggie met in Virtual Heaven. "He was every woman's fantasy; he was the virtual reality game hero Vad... And Gwen Marlowe found him snoring away in her video game shop." (from book blurb) Will it end in virtual desire or true love?

Vad has set out to restore his honor by completing a quest for the Councilors of Tolemac. He crossed the ice fields in order to find his friend Kered and winds up in our world. He came across in Gwen's store and stays at her home. It turns out that she has the dagger that he is seeking but she doesn't believe his identity. Vad had come to resent his looks and vowed to forsake women until he has found his lifemate. Gwen is a woman from another dimension; how can she be his lifemate?

The friend he thought a traitor isn't and the Council's quest is actually a trick designed to brand him traitor. Vad and Gwen must be strong enough to straddle both worlds to find honor and the love that is their destiny.

This is an entertaining adventure full of romance and intrigue. I appreciate the world building in these stories and highly recommend you read them in order for full enjoyment of TOLEMAC [and if you haven't caught it yet, TOLEMAC is CAMELOT spelled backward].

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 12, 2001


He went in search of his honor... and found love.


His silver blond hair blew back from his magnificent face. His black leather breeches hugged every inch of his well- muscled thighs. He was every woman's fantasy; he was the virtual reality game hero Vad. And Gwen Marlowe found him snoring away in her video game shop.

She knew he must be a wacky wargamer out to win the Tolemac warrior look-alike contest. But the passion he ignited in her was all too real. Swept into his world of ice fields and formidable fortresses, Gwen realized Vad was not playing games. On a quest to clear his name and secure peace in his land, he and Gwen must forge a bond strong enough to straddle two worlds. A union built not on virtual desire, but on true love.


Virtual Desire
(Tolemac Wars: Book 2)
by Ann Lawrence

August 1, 2000
Available: August 1, 2001
ISBN #0505523930
EAN #9780505523938
391 pages
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