"A very enjoyable fantasy read"

Annabelle Tinker has a problem. And yes, if you see what you think you see in her name (Tinkerbelle), you've got the gist of it... Fairies. Though her younger sister, Erin thinks it's all about space aliens like the stories in those super market tabloids which Annabelle writes for. But it's not space aliens, it's fairies. Real, sexy as all get out, six foot male fairies with wings.

Erin has fallen in love with Lucas Riley, a Fairy. Because he 'disappeared' in a tiny explosion of light just after their lovemaking, Erin believes he was kidnapped by space aliens and that belief lands her in the psycho ward of the local hospital.

Lucas wasn't kidnapped, he squooshed - the fairy equivalent of a Star Trek transport. Are there six foot tall sexy male fairies? You better believe it, and the one Annabelle must deal with is Gaelen Riley, Lucas' older brother and professor of Celtic Literature. Annabelle's attempts to find out just what did happen force her to face just what she herself believes.

JUST BELIEVE is a light, fun romp of romance, of misunderstandings, of almost Keystone-cop-like adventures that begin in North Carolina (you did know that UNC has a fairy professor on staff, and over 300 fairies in residence, didn't you?), skirts Teaneck, New Jersey (Fairy HQ in the USA) and ends up, appropriately, in Ireland as Annabelle and Gaelen fight nefarious fairy forces intent on prosecuting Lucas for falling in love with a human. At the same time, Gaelen and Annabelle must fight the growing attraction they have for each other and come to terms with what they both want, and believe.

Linnea Sinclair, author

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 22, 2006


Tabloid reporter Annabelle Tinker's sister claims her boyfriend was abducted by aliens. Now, the boyfriend's handsome brother seems determined to find his brother by romancing Annabelle. University professor Gaelen Riley is happiest with his books, hiding his fairy nature, until his brother's attraction to a mortal forces him to intervene. But Gaelen didn't count on Annabelle, who helps him renew his own sense of wonder. Gaelen and Annabelle take on the fairy establishment, a spurned pixie, fairy mercenaries, and a lecherous fairy king to save their siblings. . .and their own chance at love.


Just Believe
by Anne Manning

Novel Books, Inc.
November 1, 2004
ISBN #1591050979
EAN #9781591050971
242 pages
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