"Another winner for Dawn Thompson!"

The Falcon's Bride is a love story--of a mother's sacrifice for her son, as well as the passion between Roc and Theo.

Theo Barrington travels to Ireland with the intention of marrying Nigel Cosgrove. While Theo has her doubts, she knows this match will be a good one for her father's finances. Enter one old Gypsy lady who tells Theo she's the Black Falcon's bride. But the Black Falcon is a legend--half Irish lord and half Gypsy, not a real man, and dead long ago. Still, at the Winter Solstice, Theo is drawn to a 5,000-year-old passage tomb called Newgrange, where she is transported to the arms of Ros Drumcondra, the Black Falcon. And the passion begins.

Talk about a delicioso hero--Ros Drumcondra fills the bill and more. Yum. Theo Barrington is strong enough as well as smart enough to be his match in both wits and passion. The Falcon's Bride is a compelling story you won't want to put down. Every offering from this talented author gets better and better. This book is definitely a keeper!

reviewed by Jacquie Rogers
author of Faery Special Romances

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 22, 2006



At twenty-one, after two Seasons with no takers, Theadosia Barrington should have been grateful to snare Nigel Cosgrove. The earl-to-be was a blue-eyed Adonis, a true catch-and surely the incident in Covent Garden was exaggerated. And yet, upon her arrival at Cashel Cosgrove, Thea found herself more intrigued by the Irish castle's legend, that of the tragic Ros Drumcondra. "The Black Falcon" he was called. Party Gypsy, part Celt, the warrior had been conquered by betrayal alone. His ghost was still reputed to wander these halls, making women tremble with fear and desire-for who could resist those burnished copper eyes? Hadn't he stolen away the betrothed of Cian Cosgrove, made the woman his love slave? If only Thea herself could suffer such a fate. If only magic were a reality. If only that Gypsy woman had spoken the truth, and Thea was a woman out of time, the one meant to be...THE FALCON'S BRIDE


The Falcon's Bride
by Dawn Thompson

Love Spell
August 1, 2006
Available: August 1, 2006
ISBN #0505526794
EAN #9780505526793
320 pages
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