"a wonderfully sexy and steamy story"

Within the pages of In Ice, which is the first book in her new series, Wereplanets, Crystal Jordan creates a wonderfully sexy and steamy story based in the future after the sun has died. It’s now 500 years later and humans have been genetically spliced with various animals in order to help them survive the new planets on which they must now reside.

When Jain Robert’s, an Earthan teacher, whose ship which was headed for the planet of Aquatilis, crashes on a planet that is covered in a bitterly cold and frozen landscape, not only doesn’t she recognize the planet, but she’s also not sure how long she’ll survive naked and without shelter.

Kesuk, a human who has been genetically spliced with a polar bear, hears the explosion on his land and comes to investigate. Expecting to face yet another feud with the Brown Bear Clan, he’s startled to hear a ragged cry of “help” drift through the winds. What he finds is a tiny – and naked – woman. Kesuk isn’t sure who the glorious naked woman is, but he does know that she is his.

The sexual attraction between Jain & Kesuk is instant – and strong. But will that be enough for them to overcome their own personal demons and allow them to be together?

I was intrigued by the overall premise of this book – humans who are forced to find a way to survive on other planets or risk dying out all together. I found the overall story line very different and out of the ordinary and the characters very likable. The interaction between Jain & Kesuk was steamy, if not a bit rushed for my tastes; I tend to like just a bit more sexual tension though. Also, this being the first book of a new series, I was expecting a little more external conflict with the other genetically altered clans since it seemed to be somewhat of an on-going issue in the story.

Overall, I would recommend this new series to fans of erotic shapeshifter stories that are looking for a fairly quick and easy read. I’m looking forward to seeing where Ms. Jordan is taking this series and do believe that I’ll go along for the ride.

Reviewed by Mippy Carlson
Posted December 21, 2006


Jain Roberts' spaceship was supposed to dock at the new colony on the water world of Aquitilis. Instead, she crash lands after 500 years in cryongenic freeze on an icy mountainous planet. A planet populated by monstrous predators and shape-shifting bears.

Kesuk, the Arctic Bear leader, rescues her from the snow, but the laws of his people say she is now his slave until she repays him for the favor. He intends to give her over to the first trading vessel bound for Aquitilis, if he can convince himself to keep his hands off of her.


In Ice
(Wereplanets: Book 1)
by Crystal Jordan

Cobblestone Press
October 1, 2006
ISBN #1600880541
EAN #9781600880544
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