"devilishly witty"

Jezebel "Jesse" is on the run with Hell hot on her heels, literally. You see Jesse, a Succubus, wasn't happy with the changes taking place in the Abyss and she decided to jump ship so to speak. The problem, she has ticked off the queen and there is a bounty on her head. The Coveter creatures of the Pit are out to collect, and doom her to the Lake of Fire for eternity, or longer.

Hiding from demons is a little tricky since they can sense her infernal powers, so Jesse's only chance to avoid detection is to hide out in human form. She finds the perfect host in a powerful human witch, Caitlin. Now with her powers safely contained by an amulet, "A Shield Against Evil", she wears around her neck, Jesse sets out to blend in and start her new life in New York City. And what better job for a former Succubus named Jezebel, well working as an exotic dancer of course! But the fates have other plans for Jesse, and complications arise when one Paul Hamilton, aka her Cabin Boy, enters her life and shakes things up. What's a former Succubus to do?

Ms. Kessler has hit the jackpot with this debut novel of dark fantasy. What readers will find most captivating about this story is Jesse's thought provoking, often humorous struggle to adapt to her new "skin" and the other inconveniences of being human. The relationship between Jesse and Paul is a bumpy road and poignantly romantic. The world building is superb as the author has crafted a unique vision of the Abyss that is not the usual fare, I found it very intriguing. This debut work marks Ms. Kessler as an author to watch. HELL'S BELLES offers something for everyone; devilishly witty humor, a sassy heroine, a hunky hero and demonic creatures; what more could a reader ask for? Don't miss it!

Coming November 2007, THE ROAD TO HELL

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted December 21, 2006


Hell on Earth starts here…

**A PNR Reviewer Recommended Read**

Jezebel’s not your average exotic dancer. For one thing, she’s a 4,000-year-old succubus. For another, she’s on the run from Hell (which isn’t easy to do in high heels). Hiding on the mortal coil as a human doesn’t protect her from muggers, lactose intolerance…or having feelings for Paul Hamilton, a man haunted by his past. Demons are closing in, which is enough to make Jezebel shiver in her G-string. But it’s her love for Paul that’s going to have deadly consequences. (Humans, she laments, really should come with instruction manuals.)

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Hell's Belles
(Hell On Earth: Book 1)
by Jackie Kessler

Kensington Publishing (Zebra)
January 1, 2007
Available: January 1, 2007
ISBN #0821781022
EAN #9780821781029
320 pages
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