"action-packed erotic romance"

SEXY BEAST is an anthology of erotic short stories about shapeshifters. WARNING: These stories are very explicit and the cover is smoking hot.

In "Chanku Rising" Ms. Douglas returns to the world of her chanku pack, wolf shapeshifters. Xandi, Keisha, Stefan, and Anton are being harassed by poachers and a reporter, who saw Keisha change. Keisha needs to go to San Francisco to put the finishing touches on a project. Anton and Stefan are unable to go with her, but Xandi goes. Unfortunately, the reporter is determined and dangerous.

"Chanku Rising" is a very erotic shapeshifter read with lots of action. The pack members are a close knit group , who are willing to sacrifice and protect each other. The relationships within this group are emotional and intense. Even though I haven't read previous books in this series, I enjoyed this book. However, I think my understanding of the story and the group dynamics would have been enhanced by reading the previous WOLF TALES books.

"Tiger, Tiger" has a female climber injured and near death rescued by a tiger shapeshifter, This story has an intriguing,mystical, dream-like quality and Ms. Mack gives an original spin to her shapeshifter tale. This is definitely not the same old shapeshifter tale.

In "Night of the Jaguar", Myra Galas gets mixed up with jaguar shapeshifters, who were created by Mayan gods. Myra's cousin has found a jade statue and is obsessed with it, While in Peru, Myra's cousin is attacked and killed by a jaguar and Myra is mauled. Myra begins having dreams about a handsome jaguar shapeshifter and changing. When her dream man arrives, Myra learns that she is in danger from the jaguar shapeshifter who attacked her and is her dream man's enemy. This action-packed erotic romance is my favorite of the three stories and has a yummy hero. The hero's two friends are equally as yummy and hopefully will get their own stories.

Posted April 22, 2006

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted December 19, 2006


Some men are more than meets the eye...much, much more. And when they unleash a woman's wildest desires—her deepest, animal hunger—the results are primal, magical, and undeniably hot...

Chanku Rising by Kate Douglas
Xandi, Keisha, Stefan and Anton share a powerful secret: they are shapeshifters whose primal power and heightened senses bring an added ecstasy to their lovemaking that is beyond all words. Now, one of their own is threatened by a danger from the outside, from one determined to expose their sexy secrets, and the friends will go to any lengths to save her and their clan...

Tiger, Tiger by Noelle Mack
In the demon-haunted Himalayas, where illusion and reality are often one and the same, strange things happen. For a hard-bodied, world-class climber—a man of unearthly sensuality—that border will be challenged in the most erotic of encounters. In the guise of a blue-eyed snow tiger, he is able to lure one intrepid woman into his mountain lair and show her that the line between man and beast is blissfully slim indeed...

Night Of The Jaguar by Vivi Anna
After planning for the past two years for her trip to the Amazon, Mara Galas can't believe it's a reality. She has thought of nothing but the beauty of the rainforest and the creatures she will discover there. But nothing prepares her for the tragic and brutal killing of her tour leader by a wild animal and the savage damage she endures trying to protect him.

Back home, Mara heals. Some say remarkably quick for the wounds she received. However, it's not her body she's concerned about, it's her mind. A man stalks her in her dreams. A dark sexy man that she inexplicably craves with every inch of her flesh. When he materializes during the daylight hours claiming to know what is happening to her, she can't deny her desires. He awakens more than just her body...he awakens the animal inside clawing to be released.

The animal she's turning into...

Open yourself to pleasure and indulge the beast within...


Sexy Beast
by Kate Douglas, Vivi Anna, Noelle Mack

Kensington Publishing (Aphrodisia)
March 1, 2006
Available: March 1, 2006
ISBN #0758214855
EAN #9780758214850
265 pages
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