"fast-paced historical romantic suspense"

In 1795 Englishwoman Lady Elizabeth Stanwycke journeys to Wolfram Castle in Germany to become a tutor to Charlotte, niece to Count Nikolas von Wolfram, as she has nothing else. Near the estate she notices a man chasing a woman in the woods, but her escort, Katrina Leibren, insists they not stop and tells her to forget what she saw.

At the castle, she meets her new employer, his two sisters and an uncle as well as the visiting Count Delacroix. Elizabeth soon finds herself wondering what is going on as she hears strange noises and witnesses eerie events. The weirdest is her growing feeling for Nikolas, who at times is coldly aloof while on other occasions, is passionate as if he feels the heat between them. Still unable to resist the mystery of the occupants of Wolfram Castle and especially the wolf-like howling just outside, Elizabeth begins to investigate not realizing how dangerous that is to her well being including her heart.

AWAITING THE MOON is a fast-paced historical romantic suspense that will keep the audience wondering whether the sub-genre is gothic or supernatural. The key element to Donna Lea Simpson's clever prose is whether a werewolf is running loose in Germany and if so is that creature Nikolas? Elizabeth as she falls in love with her employer ponders which is worse; that he is a murderous shapeshifter or that he is a homicidal lunatic. Fans of either sub-genre will treasure this strong Regency era thriller.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted January 31, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 18, 2006


The woods are not safe - and neither is her heart...

It is 1795, well past the time when folks should have abandoned such superstitious notions as a belief in werewolves, Elizabeth Stanwycke thinks as she travels into the heart of Germany to tutor a young countess in the ways of the world, and the English gentry in particular. But Elizabeth has never seen anything like Wolfram Castle, her new home for the time she is to work there, nor has she ever met any man like Count Nikolas von Wolfram, her new student's uncle. Handsome, commanding, enigmatic, he is keeping secrets, but whether they are merely sordid family tragedies of the past that he is concealing, or something more terrifying and sinister is anyone's guess.

All Elizabeth knows is, the more time she spends in Count Nikolas's company, the more she is drawn to him... but she understands only too well the price a woman pays for allowing the urgings of her heart to influence her behavior, and she is determined never to pay that price again.

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Awaiting the Moon
(Wolfram series: Book 1)
by Donna Lea Simpson

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
February 1, 2006
Available: February 7, 2006
ISBN #0425208494
EAN #9780425208496
368 pages
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