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D'Anu Witch Copper Ashcroft remains trapped in Otherword where a failed magical spell she employed in her battle with the warlock Darkwolf sent her. Over a year with no signs of returning home, Copper meets up with another person thrown into this strange realm. Tuatha D'Danann warrior Tiernan has joined her.

His mission is to abet the mortal witches in their war against the demonic Fomorii. She, on the other hand, sees him as the avenue home. Both know the magnetic attraction is all wrong as the timing could not be worse; yet desire is a powerful magic. However, as their attraction and need turn into an inferno, they must escape this prison called Otherworld because Tiernann's visions forecasts a lethal Fomorii plot to free the malevolent darkest God Balor.

Anyone not seduced by the magic of Cheyenne McCray is obviously a Fomorii as this author provides some of the best romantic fantasies on the market today. Her latest precious magical Ashcroft saga (see FORBIDDEN MAGIC starring Silver Ashcroft) is a delightful torrid tale headed by a strong lead couple and supported ably by a horde of bad dudes. Fans who appreciate a strong fantasy will want to read the magnificent McCray mythos.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted September 26, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 18, 2006


Desire casts a spell of its own....


Copper Ashcroft is an accomplished D'Anu witch, but the magic she wields is a potent force—strong enough to hurl her into a mysterious Otherworld when a spell backfires. Before Copper can escape, another being is pulled into her realm—Tiernan, a powerfully virile Tuatha D'Danann warrior. Blond, blue-eyed, and shamelessly seductive, Tiernan could be Copper's savior—and his touch sets her body on fire.


Like others of his kind, Tiernan stands alongside the D'Anu witches to battle the demons of the Underworld. Obligation to his cause and his people cautions against any entanglement with Copper, yet each second spent with this beautiful, uninhibited woman stirs an insatiable hunger. Desire explodes into carnal bliss, but the visions that haunt Copper's dreams are growing stronger, and they foretell a terrifying evil waiting to be unleashed...


Saving the city will take more than brute strength...more than witchcraft. Only together can Copper and Tiernan find a way to overcome the dark forces—and seize a passion that has bewitched them both.

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Seduced by Magic
(Magic: Book 2)
by Cheyenne McCray

St. Martin's Press
October 1, 2006
Available: October 3, 2006
ISBN #0312937636
EAN #9780312937638
384 pages
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