"a charming tale from a fresh voice"

There bestselling authors and storytellers. Storytellers don't worry if every I is dotted or T crossed, they are more filled with fire and passion, they love their characters and have such a freshness that captivates me. You see the stars of Tomorrow, today in their first works. That is what I see in Aysel Arwen. A storyteller with a passion, a freshness.

This delightful enchanting tales shows a rough edge here or there-- if someone likes to be nitpicky. I never did. Tell me a good story and I follow. An Arwen is a writer touched with the magic of storytellers of old. I can just see this lady in a flowing gown, by fireside, spellbinding her clan with her tales of far off places, of love, of magic.

I waited for Amazon to send the book for several weeks and I must say the anticipation was worth it.

Rose Flowers lives with her father and twin sister in staid Massachusetts. Daddy dearest is a Professor of Botany, which accounts for her being named Rose and her sister Violet. Rose is a dreamer, who spends all her time with her nose buried in a book, and secretly dreaming of the handsome hero would one day come for her. But this quiet life is thrown for a loop when daddy announces they will be leaving their home to go to Hawaii. The President is sending a team of research scientist to study the tropical plants on the island, and the Professor will be leading it.

Since Violet is engaged to be married, daddy sends Rose on ahead to be his assistant and pave his way. So begins Rose's wild adventure. It starts in Boston where she is rescued from ruffians by a handsome, mysterious stranger. Being a bit ruffled by the incident, she promptly faints. When she awakens, Mr. Sexy ala Johnny Depp has vanished.

We get sailing ships and sealing wax and cabbage and kings... eh...pirates and presidents... in this engaging debut. It charming and just plain FUN!! As a debut, it marks Arwen as a writer well worth watching.

Posted May 19, 2006

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted December 15, 2006


A Pirate

Dark and mysterious, Abdeldjelil "DJ" had no idea that the beautiful woman with the rosy lips that he had just saved from certain death would soon be his savior in more ways than one. Having adopted the life of both merchant and pirate aboard the Ocean Chameleon, DJ still could not remember his days prior to being kidnapped and pressed into service by enemies of the barbary pirates. But he knew there was something very important about his past. He just could not remember what it was.

A Secret

Bound for the fledgling islands of Hawaii, Neptune's chariot carried its precious cargo out of Boston Bay and into the arms of a notorious pirate and a raging storm that threatened to rip the ships apart. Blown off course and into the area known as the Bermuda Triangle, death is the price that is exacted for the survival of just a few seamen and passengers. But there is a secret still on board that could change that fate of mankind forever, if an untimely death does not carry it to the grave.


Rescued by a man chiseled out of the darkness of a moonlit night, Rose cannot deny that he stirs her blood with a glance and boils it with a mere touch. But, the man disappears moments after he saves her, and then washes up only a few breaths away from death on the shore of a deserted island right after their ship is almost destroyed in a violent storm. Shipwrecked, the two must face their past, the present and their future if they are to survive the many unknown dangers that lurk in their new island home.


A Pirate, a Secret and Rose
by Aysel Arwen

Capri Publishing
May 1, 2005
ISBN #0976913216
EAN #9780976913214
368 pages
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