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My passion for history was bred and spoon-fed on the ancient lore and history of Scotland, but I once considered going into Egyptian Archaeology. There is something about the riddle of the Sphinx, the pyramids, which lures the imagination. Toss in a great love for old Mummy movies, you just have to know I would want to read this book. Double that desire when the writer is Aysel Arwen. I find of late I less and less read books by the bestsellers in the field. I'm looking for fresh voices, raw talent. Yes, they may not yet have reached the peak of the game, but it's so great to find an undiscovered gem and watch them grow stronger with each book, see their talent slowly finding their audience. Arwen is one of these gems. She really turned in a very enjoyable book with her debut A PIRATE, A SECRET AND ROSE. She writes with a love, a passion and an originality that is captivating. However, with A PHAROAH, A SPELL and JADE, she is acquiring the polish, which shows she is a talent to watch.

Sneferu, a ruler in Egypt has made a pack with Osiris, because he knows someone wants him dead. He wants an avenger to protect him. Jump to a more modern time when we meet Jade. She has no knowledge of Sneferu's pack. She just loves Egyptian jewellery, and has spent her life in perusing this area of expertise. Because if it she is asked to join an expedition to Egypt. Jade stumbling upon a secret door, had discovers a real treasure -- a sexy lad with a beautiful gold armband. Naturally, she just has to read the hieroglyphics on the bracelet, and before you can say, beware of the mummy, Jade has the lad awake and ready to tango. Actually, when she read the symbols she was sucked back in time and she is the guardian Osiris has sent to save Sneferu.

This is a very fresh romance tale, with great characters that keep the reader hooked from start to finish of this rousing tale. Arwen gives you a dash of the adventure from the new Mummy movie, an ancient mystery wrapped firmly in sensuality and a breath of fresh air. It leaves me eager from more stories from this talented writer.

Posted June 1, 2006

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted December 15, 2006


Fourth Dynasty, Inebu-hedj, Egypt: Sneferu "He of Beauty", the first pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty and one of Egypt's most benevolent rulers, has survived several assassination attempts, but he knows it is only a matter of time before the killer will succeed. Seeking the aid of the gods through his high priest, the pharaoh casts an ancient spell giving him the power to return to a time just before his murder -- if the gods grant his request.

Sneferu is murdered and his high priest is able to secret his body away, which is the only hope for his return. Almost five thousand years later, Jade Morgan, an American Egyptologist is working on a stone altar.

Catapulted back in time, the two must forge an alliance to keep Sneferu from being murdered a second time, but their hearts soon find that time is no barrier to true love. Weaving in and out of the traitors in the harem, as well as those in his court, the two quickly find they are traveling on the same path together.

When the Nubian army is found camped across the Nile from his palace, Sneferu and jade must risk all and almost lose all to keep Egypt safe. Despite being kidnapped, captured, tortured and traded to their enemies, Jade and Sneferu overcome danger, deceit and death to find their together place in time.


A Pharaoh, A Spell & Jade
by Aysel Arwen

Capri Publishing
December 1, 2005
Available: December 17, 2005
ISBN #0976913232
EAN #9780976913238
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