"highly original twist on the vampire genre"

I am getting a little weary of vampire tales of late, but there seems to be no stopping the genre. One of the best to emerge from this over-crowded category is Robin T. Popp. Popp pulls a cross-genre twist on this, making her Night Slayer series unique. Her first novel Too Close to the Sun (June 2003), a highly innovative Sci-Fi Romance for Dorchester, made me an instant fan. However, in the switch in publishers and genre, I had to wait for the edge of the seat, brilliant Out of the Night (September 2005), the first book in her Night Slayer series. I am delighted there wasn't the long wait for the second one. Seduced by the Night, shows Popp is a talent to stay.

Bethany Stavinoski is a top biochemist. It causes her to be sucked into the dangerous world of rogue vampires and half- vampire changelings. The Bad Vamps want her to replicate a formula so they can dominate the world, only there is a Night Slayer bent on stopping them. Dirk Adams is a changeling, a Night Slayer, a human with all the powers of a vampire, but not all the bad side effects. He is a slayer who a hunts down the rogue vamps. Currently, he is assigned to protect Bethany. As he tries to shield her, Bethany find Dirk drawing her closer. As they are relentlessly pursued, she faces giving herself to Dirk's dark power in order to save their lives.

The pace is breathless, Dirk and Bethany's desire for each other sensual. Popp weaves threads of her former Sci-Fi genre into this vamp series to give a stronger base in reality. It sets the Night Slayers apart from all the other vampires books, showing Popp is a talent to watch.

Highly recommended.

Posted June 13, 2006

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted December 15, 2006


Surrender to the darkness...

SEDUCED BY THE MYSTERY...Dr. Bethany Stavinoski doesn't run from a challenge. As the top biochemist in her field, the delicate-looking blonde routinely puts herself on the line. But her latest research project plunges her into a terrifying world she never knew existed—and into the arms of a dangerous, irresistible man.

SEDUCED BY THE DANGER...Dirk Adams is a changeling, a human with a vampire's strength and skills. He patrols the darkness to destroy renegade vampires, and he senses something far more powerful behind the relentless pursuers now on Beth's trail. As a nightmare he never imagined unfolds, Beth's only chance to save both their lives is to surrender to Dirk's desperate need...and match his hunger with her own.



Seduced by the Night
(Night Slayer: Book 2)
by Robin T. Popp

Warner Books (Forever)
June 1, 2006
Available: June 1, 2006
ISBN #0446616273
EAN #9780446616270
360 pages
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