"Jill-of-all-trades Maggie is about to fix stuffed shirt James"

James Wyatt, president of Wyatt Industries was all business. He doesn't understand just why he reacted so strongly to Maggie Kendall's innocently teasing question "When was the last time Jamie was allowed out to play?" BUT he does know that Maggie is the one he wants as a playmate. Although he cannot stop thinking of her, how can he consider a serious relationship with someone who will demand more of his attention than he is able to give?

Maggie started MAGGIE'S MISCELLANY soon after her parents died as a way to support herself and her younger sister and brother. Her successful but unique business has her dressing in many costumes. Just her luck to meet the man of her dreams dressed in greasepaint for her job as a clown at a children's birthday party. Can she show the man she loves that it is possible to have a fun in life and work?

The author gives entertaining descriptions of some of Maggie's unique jobs and the humor found when involved in a courtship. The characters are full and the action fast and entertaining. The conflict Maggie feels about her role in Jamie's life is well written and no less intense because of the humor of the story. You will find yourself caring that these two can work out their personal conflicts and have the HEA promised by true love. Meanwhile, as is Kasey's trademark, the secondary characters add a special dimension to what is already an enjoyable story.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 12, 2001


Maggie Kendall was playing clown at a birthday party when she first met James Wyatt. To meet the man of your dreams while wearing greasepaint is an extraordinary beginning. And for James and Maggie, it was a very appropriate one from the very start it was not your ordinary romance.

Maggie was a free spirit. Her company, Maggie's Miscellany, had her doing just about anything to make a party fun. James was the man in the dark pin-striped suit and from their first moment, Maggie set his world off-kilter.

She had no place in his button-down existence so why couldn't he get her out of his mind?

Babies and Bachelors USA: Unexpected parenthood and the promise of love.


Maggie's Miscellany
(#331 Babies and Bachelors USA miniseries)
by Kasey Michaels

Silhouette (Romance)
November 1, 1984
Available: November 12, 1984
ISBN #0671573314
EAN #9780671573317
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