"Yet another brilliant tale from the genius of Holly"

Emma Holly is one of the hottest cutting-edge writers in today's market. She's gaining a strong fan base for her sizzling Romantica tales to her Paranormals and Victorian Era. Frankly, I think Emma Holly can and does write anything she wants and does it unlike any writer around. Her writing is frank, open and she loves to walk on the wild side.

This time she ventures into another Paranormal tale that is both exciting and very original. It has the feel of another series, and one I will be looking forward to when the tales come! The range of Holly's writing is amazing, her deeply drawn characters and strong plot really set her above others Romantica writers. She succeeds while others often don't make the bar, because her works are well researched, and she gives such heart to her heroine and hero.

Set in the Victoria era, Inspector Adrian Philip of Securite Service, is more than a typical policeman, he is the keeper of peace between demons and humans. He has accepted implants in his body that enable him to have incredible strength, and to assume the powers of a demon for short periods. By accepting this role of protector of both, he belongs to neither. Adrian is an outsider in both worlds.

When Adrian seeks a missing boy, he is attacked by a local gang. Using his demonic implanted powers, he escapes. After using the powers, he is weakened and collapses in a courtyard of Roxanne McCallister. Roxanne is also an outcast, a half-breed, part demon, part human. She takes Adrian in and treats him. Adrian is very attracted to Roxanne, but knows no woman will want him. Proof of this is his former wife had walked out on him because of his not quite human state. Roxanne desires Adrian, but is unaware of his demon enhanced state. Being a half breed, she fears no man or demon would want her either. As Adrian recovers under Roxanne's tender care, he falls in love with her, yet tries to resist a relationship that could interfere with his police career, and ultimately will leave him hurt when she rejects him.

In true Emma Holly fashion, the love scenes are beyond erotic, but she never loses a firm grasp on what makes Romance work. Her fantasy world works, because she strongly roots it in reality of caring people that linker in the readers mind long after you put the book down.

Another keeper for my Emma Holly shelf! They are racking up very fast, and each one so special.

Posted November 29, 2004

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted December 13, 2006


Inspector Adrian Philips keeps the peace between demons and humans in Avvar, a city not unlike Victorian London. To do his job, he's allowed his strength to be enhanced by demon technology, a choice that's cost him his wife, his family and—some would say—his humanity. Rejected by both races, he hungers for a woman's touch.

Roxanne McAllister is an outcast, too: the illegitimate daughter of an infamous chanteuse. One fateful night brings Roxanne and Adrian together, and though the border between human and demon is treacherous, these two may be just the ones to cross it. The question is, will the exquisite pleasure they find together be worth the risk...

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Alternate Universe, Demons

Per the Author's Website:
Demon books (alternate Victorian universe, fantasy, very steamy romance, linked but can be read alone or out of order)

The Demon's Daughter
Hot Spell (anthology)
Prince of Ice
Demon's Delight (anthology)
Beyond the Dark (anthology)
Demon's Fire (the sequel to Prince of Ice)


The Demon's Daughter
(Demon World: Book 1)
by Emma Holly

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
November 1, 2004
Available: November 2, 2004
ISBN #0425199185
EAN #9780425199183
334 pages
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