"A decent romantic suspense"

Zach Ingram has been kidnapped... by mistake. His captors actually wanted his brother Jake, who is one of five genetically altered children who were adopted many years ago. The people who took him believing him to be Jake think he has information they need. Unlucky for them they grabbed the wrong brother.

Dr. Maisy Dalton is the best in her field. She is a brilliant psychiatrist, a master at deprogramming and hypnotherapy. When she is called in to work with "Jake" she expects it to be a run of the mill situation. She never expected that what she'd find would be highly dangerous to her life... and her heart.

This first full-length book in the Family Secrets series sets the stage for the books to follow. Mystery abounds as Maisy tries to get to the bottom of what has happened to Zach since he was kidnapped. Zach is weak from being drugged and feels helpless while she is risking life and limb to keep him safe. The love grows between them throughout all the adversity they face giving the readers faith that all will work out in the end.

This reviewer was a little disappointed in how little reference was made to the "Extraordinary Five," the now adult genetically superior people. The premise of this series is supposed to be about these five children who were altered to be superhuman. Only a few brief mentions were made to them, mainly by the kidnappers. It would have been preferred to have a little more information given in to the background of the five and what it was done to make them the "Extraordinary Five," which is what drew this reader to the series.

This book will appeal to readers who love to have a bit of suspense with their romance, so long as they don't expect to delve into the underlying theme of the Family Secrets series.

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Posted October 4, 2005

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 13, 2006


She's got the wrong brother!

SUBJECT: Zach Ingram, brawny brain, aka Professor Ingram FAMILY HISTORY: The Ingram heir, brother of financial whiz Jake

DEEPEST SECRET: He'd always envied his brother -- until now . . .

Professor Zach Ingram was believed to have classified information about genetically altered humans, and agents from the top secret MEDUSA wanted it enough to kidnap him. But was the iron-willed academic truly the one they sought? Beautiful psychiatrist Dr. Maisy Dalton was unwittingly brought in to hypnotize the ruggedly handsome Zach into talking about the "memories" hidden within him. But the innocent doctor couldn't control her feelings for the mysterious man who spoke of mistaken identity and something called the Extraordinary Five. In her heart, Maisy knew Zach was telling the truth, and was willing to risk her life and love to help him unravel the secrets of MEDUSA and the potentially dangerous X5 . . .


Here is the series in order (c. 2003-2004):
Enemy Mind, by Maggie Shayne
Pyramid of Lies, by Anne Marie Winston
The Player, by Evelyn Vaughn
The Bluewater Affair, by Cindy Gerard
Her Beautiful Assassin, by Virginia Kantra
A Verdict of Love, by Jenna Mills
The Billionaire Drifter, by Beverly Bird
Fever, by Linda Winstead Jones
Blind Attraction, by Myrna Mackenzie
The Parker Project, by Joan Elliott Pickart
The Insider, by Ingrid Weaver
Check Mate, by Beverly Barton


Enemy Mind
(Family Secrets mini-series)
by Maggie Shayne

June 1, 2003
ISBN #0373613687
EAN #9780373613687
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