"Sexy fantasy trio of tales"

In Full Moon Magick by J C Wilder, young Esmerelda "Esme" Proctor has been sold off for her innate magical powers, in a betrothal she does not desire. As the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, her abilities are of mythical proportions, that any heir of a magical family would do anything to acquire. Esme feels her only hope is to conjure herself a lover to steal her virginity that her marriage contract is built on. She never expected that the conjured lover would actually be her fiancé, Ethan "Hawk" Montgomery, who desires her for more then her abilities, having been in love with her since she was fifteen. Can he earn her trust under the guise of her mystery lover? What will she do when she finds out who he really is?

This was a sexy story that will lure readers in to the plot and keep them fascinated through the end. Though certainly a sensual story, this one is more understated then most books by this publisher, focusing more on the underlying love story then the sexual exploits. Esme feels inadequate in that she cannot seem to master even the simplest of spells, for which her father is quick to insult and scorn. She truly feels her only way out is the path she chooses. Readers will admire Esme for her character and the fact she was trying so hard to take charge of her own life. At first, this reviewer was unimpressed with Hawk, finding him to be underhanded in his treatment of Esme. However, as one gets to know him, it becomes understood why he acted the way he did, and it becomes apparent he truly does cherish Esme for herself.

In Half Moon Magick by Liddy Midnight, starts a new series, Dark Mages, with the story of Black Isolde and Harmon. Isolde is a witch who lately has been having erotic dreams of a mysterious lover who shows her unimaginable pleasure. Harmon has devoted his life to destroying the dark mages who prey on the good in the world, most particularly, the dark mage who has been after him for as long as he can remember. When he and Isolde meet in the flesh, they are shocked beyond words at the bond between them. But will their love and combined powers be enough to defeat the evil one? Or is Harmon himself Isolde's worst nightmare?

This is a loveable story sure to entice readers into seeking out more of Ms. Midnight's works. Her characters are vividly portrayed, fully fleshed out, and the types of people one would expect to bump into in town. Isolde is dedicated to helping others and further mastering her craft. How she handles the everyday dealings of life, and the complications that arise from her lessons taught, is always for the best of others, never for herself. Harmon is a troubled man, set on his path of destroying the evil ones and bringing more light into the world. These two together make a powerful couple that will awe the other characters and captivate readers. The plot is well developed and smooth, never faltering in its course in the story.

In Wishful Thinking by Elisa Adams, readers meet Mia and Jack, both who have forgotten the simpler things in life, most importantly the love and companionship of a soul mate. Mia's life revolves around raising her young daughter, acting as a healer for the local community and helping her beloved aunt run her Bed and Breakfast. Jack is in dire need of a vacation away from the rat race, where he can relax and rethink what is important in his life. Neither expected the immediate attraction they feel for one another. Will Mia realize she has room in her life for love again? How will Jack be able to deal with Mia's being a witch?

In this story, though witchcraft is important, it does not play quite as large of a role in the plot as in the other two stories of the tale. It is key in several scenes, and as part of Mia's character, but not the central plot of the tale. This story is all about Mia and Jack each getting a second chance at love, and discovering finally what is most important in their lives. Mia's love for her daughter, Frances, is evident on every page and readers will feel all of Mia's emotions along with her. Frances is a delightfully precocious child who steals the show whenever she is present in the scenes. Jack starts off as something of a stuffed shirt who only cares about work, but he evolves throughout the story into a complex man who is so much more then the suits he wears to work. The passionate encounters between the two lovers are flaming hot and sure to make one sweat a little.

If readers are looking for a hot collection of witchcraft tales centering around the moon, then In Moonlight is sure to satisfy even the most finicky of readers. The stories are hot and intense, with excellent plot lines. Go out and purchase a copy today.

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Posted December 8, 2004

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Posted December 13, 2006


Full Moon Magic By J.C. Wilder
Esme Proctor is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter in a legendary lineage of witches. Betrothed at a young age, she is whisked off to live in near solitude until the morning of her marriage. Desperate to escape her upcoming nuptials, she conjures a lover to take her virginity and free her from the betrothal contract.

Only things don't work out quite as she expected...

Half Moon Magick By Liddy Midnight
A Dark Mage tale
The mage Black Isolde has long had visions of a gorgeous, sexy man. When he appears in the flesh, she can't be certain whether he's the man of her dreams or a nightmare of the worst kind: a Dark Mage.

Harmon has devoted his life to the destruction of Dark Mages. His work has required him to walk a knife-edge between darkness and light. Isolde's purity balances the shadows he's acquired, but he may have spent too long in the darkness to ever be free of its taint.

Wishful Thinking By Elisa Adams

In need of a change of scenery, workaholic Jack Cullen takes a vacation to an isolated island in northern New England. He isn't prepared for the unusual antics of the inn's owner, a woman claiming to be a witch, or his powerful attraction to her mysterious niece.

Mia just wants to live her life in peace. Raising her daughter by herself coupled with her job as a healer, she doesn't have much time to pursue a relationship. Since Jack is only around for a few weeks, he seems like the perfect solution to her loneliness—until the time comes for him to leave, and she finds herself wishing he'd stay.

Genre: Paranormal / Fantasy / Anthology
Book Length: 3 Person Anthology

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In Moonlight
by Liddy Midnight, Elisa Adams, J. C. Wilder

Ellora's Cave
August 1, 2004
Available: July 28, 2004
ISBN #1843609193
EAN #9781843609193
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