"Guardian and Assassin unite to save the world and find love"

Well, I did it again. Reading the sequel before the first story can be a problem with some stories, but this one was well written and I did not get a sense of missing something even though I was aware enough of the past story to want to get the book.

Jelena was a Guardian. A special race blessed by the Gods to help aid destiny and those who formed it. She could not understand why the Gods wanted her to protect an assassin. THE MAGICIAN, Drake Durand, was known to have organized the Assassins guild and helped the Federation and the success in overcoming the Jontars. [This is the first book CAPTIVE HEARTS].

When Drake finally believes she is a Guardian, he is surprised and infuriated. He does not need a woman interfering with his assignment. He is hunting the last of those responsible for the suffering of Morgan and his family during the Jontar Rebellion. For some reason her disapproval of him effects him on a deeper level. And if she doesn't stay out of his life she may get him hurt instead of saving him.

She leaves Drake while in a snit and he finds himself outnumbered and alone. When she becomes aware of his danger she arrives in time to save him only if she transports them both to her home world. Once there she is able to heal him but soon becomes aware she has brought him to danger from her own people. He is a half-breed Nar'garlian who has been hidden under a protection spell by his grandmother. The council is afraid of his powers and demands his training and a proof that he is to be trusted. His first assignment direct from the Gods is the one he was on when Jelena was sent as his Guardian. Jelena finds herself falling in love with a complex man she expected to hate and finds she must trust that love to show her how to help him as his Bonded mate.

This story is all you hope a Futuristic romance will be. Good wins over evil without preaching or contrivance and the battles add to the story instead of just an action scene to keep attention. REAL MAGIC has just the right combination of fantasy and reality with the conflicts and plot twists melding together to keep you reading with a need to know the rest of the story.

Cy Korte Copyright September, 2001
for & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 12, 2001


Real Magic
(Sullust Federation Series Book #2)
by Lissa Michaels

Hard Shell Word Factory
June 15, 2001
ISBN #0759901198
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