"A wonderful story!"

Layna Bennett is divorced and unhappy, but then she receives a letter in the mail that changes her life forever. She is sent back in time to 1870, where everyone believes that she is Mrs. Alayna Margeaut, which isn't a compliment. The woman is heartless, conniving and with no scruples.

Trey Margeaut came back from the war alive, but with a damaged leg. He thought he could find comfort in the arms of his wife, but she spurns him. She doesn't want a man that in her mind is not whole. He is trapped in a loveless marriage, and takes it out on Layna, who looks so much like his wife that even he is unable to tell that she isn't.

Layna doesn't give up and tries to make Trey see her for who she really is, while Trey against his will begins to fall for the woman he thought to despise forever.

You feel compassion for Trey's plight, for words of rejections can be far more detrimental than physical blows; they wound not the flesh but the soul. Layna craves to have a family of her own, but believes it will never happen. Layna and Trey butt heads more times than not; they have to deal with deceit and greed of others; but they also begin to see each other in a different light, until their attraction cannot be denied.

Ms. Cassidy has written a tale of intrigue where the pen is mightier than fate itself. A wonderful story!

Courtesy: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted December 10, 2006


Surrounding the destiny of the RMS Titanic, and the terror of September 11th. One man has forgotten how to love. Only one woman can help him remember... Everlasting Journey

As quiet as a hummingbird's breath, a special miracle has taken place. Only a chosen few are fortunate enough to experience such an extraordinary phenomenon. One of them is Layna Bennett, a woman facing the difficulties of modern day society, divorce, and despair embarks on the journey of a lifetime. Another is Trey Margeaut, a Southern gentleman who was wounded in the Civil War. He is a man who loves unconditionally, and completely. Trey sees no barriers-color or otherwise- in those he loves. Except for Layna Bennett… Trey harbors a true and well-deserved hatred for the woman who destroyed his life and devastated his soul. The war may have crippled him physically, but Layna crippled him spiritually. Or did she?? As events unfold and spiral entirely out of control, the fine line that divides love and hatred begins to unravel beyond redemption. If time truly heals all wounds, can their shattered hearts be mended by breaking the very barriers of time itself?


Everlasting Journey
by Meloni Cassidy

PublishAmerica, Inc.
October 1, 2006
Available: October 18, 2006
ISBN #1424133688
EAN #9781424133680
252 pages
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