"another sizzler in the WindWorld Series"

In Lucien's Khamsin, Charlotte Boyett-Compo has created passionate and sensual characters in a post apocalyptic world, another sizzler in the WindWorld Series.

After the year 2052, in a world thrown almost back to the dark ages by man's own self destructiveness, where the plague and nuclear war have claimed countless lives, Revenants have taken a position of authority. Revenants are long lived creatures that need to take blood to live. They do not however, need to kill their victims as do Vampires. It's theorized their origins may not have been born on this world but little is known about them beyond the myths that the Revenants are the same mindless beasts as Vampires.

In the 13th century Lucien Korvia is turned by the Revenant Queen Sibylline as he lies dying after his village is attacked by legendary creatures of midnight and madness. His only desire is to avenge the deaths of those he loved. He can not know what path his life will take him nor will the changes and destruction he will witness in the far off future, nor the schemes Sibylline will employ in pursuit of her ends.

Khamsin is one of the survivors of the holocaust following the nuclear bombing over most of the world. Food, clean water and escape from the plague are hard to come by and when Khamsin and the group she is with are captured by Lucien's men, all she knows is what tales were told in the dark, tales of blood sucking demon Revenants.

She is unaware of how truly special she is in more ways than one and when Lucien demands she be brought to him, she is terrified that he will possess her body and take her blood by force. It's Khamsin's spirit that attracts Lucien and makes him determined that she be his willingly, and it is his sense of honor and deep pain that wins her heart. His deeply sensual nature resonates with hers and when he discovers her unhappy history, he sets out to show her just how enticing and pleasurable life in his arms can be. In truly mind blowing fashion they explore their growing love and sensual awareness for each other until Lucien is incapacitated and Khamsin is kidnapped.

Will Lucien be able to unravel the plot and get Khamsin back before his rival can harm her? Will Khamsin be able to forgive what Lucien may have to do to her back? Will Sibylline be friend or foe?

This is a wonderfully sensual novel with great character depth, intense sexuality, and an encompassing love story set in an alternate time line. Thoroughly enjoyable! Buy it, read it, you'll love it.

Courtesy: Eternal Night

Reviewed by Leola Brooks
Posted December 10, 2006


In 13th century Hungary,

Lucien Korvina comes face to face with mythical beings from his childhood nightmares. Legendary Sagitarry and their beastmasters the Manicore, descend on cloven hooves upon his tranquil, rustic village and wreck havoc, killing and mutilating everything in their path.

Left for dead from grievous wounds, Lucien is found by the mysterious Sibylline, a Revenant queen from beyond space and time. In her fangs is the promise of eternal life and when she pierces the dying man's jugular, he becomes One with the Blood. As one of the Undead, he has become her plaything—her prince of the Revenants.

Khamsin has no idea who her parents were or from whence she came. Growing up on an old cruise ship turned orphanage after the Great War of 2052, she has never known love. Captured by Lucien's men, she fights to escape the clutches of what she believes is pure evil—vampire beings intent on draining her blood and enslaving her body, forcing her into thrall to a Revenant master.

In the great keep at Modartha, Khamsin learns the true ways of the Revenants when—despite her fear of him—she falls in lust and love with Lucien Korvina. There is but one problem—Sibylline.


Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre: Vampire
Book Length: Novel

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Lucien's Khamsin
(WindWorld: Book 4)
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Ellora's Cave
June 1, 2005
Available: June 16, 2005
ISBN #1419901664
EAN #9781419901669
e-Book (reprint)
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