"a wonderful Regency fairy tale"

Lauren needs the ruby that she believes the Duke of Chillhart's ancestors stole from her family to rescue her sister Beth. Posing as the daughter of an Earl lost at sea, she hopes to enter the ton, find the ruby and trade it for Beth.

Grant Hale the Duke of Chillhart, doesn't want to get married, but if he doesn't marry his deceased grandmother's companion Lauren, (who he is sure is a charlatan) he will not inherit the money he desperately needs to run his estates.

Allegro and Largo want to fix the broken magical harp that when fixed will lock the trolls back beneath the surface of the Earth. To do this, they need the Keeper of the Flower of the Health (aka the Duke of Chillhart), to fall in love, which will create the magic needed to fix the harp. However pairing up two humans that would rather kill or rob the other blind is going to be a challenge when the two fairies won't consider failure as an option!

Gloria Harchar has written a wonderful Regency fairy tale. I really liked the way the humans didn't believe in the fairy world other than as stories. Then the two worlds collide and the ensuing mayhem had me reading so fast that I had to finish the book in one sitting.

Just so you know, I haven't read the first book in the series...yet. Allegro and Largo are two matchmaking fairies that must perform miracles if they want to save their kingdom of Jubilant, and I did have some confusion with their terminologies. You get a lot of information right up front about them that will make more sense the further along you read. I found both the fairies absolutely fascinating and am glad I will get to learn more about them in the third story, so I would imagine that as a reader you must learn about them in the first book because as I mentioned, I was a little confused.

Grant and Lauren are interesting characters and I actually really enjoyed their courtship and relationship. Because Grant blames Laurens biological father for his own families declining wealth, he has trust issues (only loving a woman can allow her to have access to the Flower -- which is actually a magical ruby). Lauren flat out doesn't trust men and yet finds herself married to the man she is trying to steal from as well as having to trust him with her sister's life. So their relationship is built on deceptions and is a very turbulent one!

Excellent book! While I am planning on reading the first story, I think ENCHANTED BY MAGIC can stand-alone.

Posted January 24, 2006

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted December 7, 2006


Those irrepressible pixies are back in a charming tale of romance, adventure, and trickery involving one distrusting duke, a lady who's not at all what she seems, and the mystical Flower of the Heath.

Welcome to Quelgheny, where magic, laughs, and love abound. Trust me -- you'll enjoy the trip and long to return.


Enchanted By Magic
by Gloria Harchar

Love Spell (Heart Spell)
December 1, 2004
Available: December 7, 2004
ISBN #0505526174
EAN #9780505526175
320 pages
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