"EXCELLENT new addtion to the world of fairy tales..."

The title intrigued me; and I really enjoyed the story.

Jane Drysdale, after hosting a successful "Pleasures of the Realms" party has a flat tire on her way home causing her to crash her car, but in the process runs over a bunny. What should have been just a car accident turns into a murder trial when her rescuers take her to Loweth where she is to stand trial for the murder of Tivat.

In the beginning of the story, Jane is argumentative and disgruntled; I can totally appreciate her bitchiness and confusion at finding herself in a foreign world. But rather than staying this way, she adopts a "bring it on" attitude that made her (for me) a remarkable heroine.

Charlie is an all around great Whelphite, however he tries to stay unnoticed - he's half elf and fairy and is very self-conscious. Getting told he will be Jane's legal council becomes a challenge for numerous reasons but primarily because he spends a lot of time trying to follow Jane's train of though; she is an avid watcher of Earths' TV reruns. So half the time he is clueless regarding whatever Jane is talking about. Despite this, or maybe because of this, Charlie still cares for her rather than treating her like someone who is psychotic. Trying to keep up with Jane makes him deal with his heritage and he starts to live. So pairing these two together was great.

One of the things that really makes this story exceptional is that while Jane was on trial for murder, the trial really only encompassed a couple chapters of the book. The rest of the story is about what happens after the trial... which is really an epic journey through the entire kingdom for Jane. I would really like to say more here, but there is so much discovery that I don't want to spoil anything!

The only thing I didn't care for with this book is the sexual encounters between Jane and Charlie. While there is a lot of chemistry between the characters, their joinings are a bit on the frantic side of aggressive for me. It was kind of like if we don't hurry up and mate, one of us is going to change their mind. Which wouldn't happen because both characters where drawn to each other like a moth to a light.

Cheryl Sterling has a fantastic imagination for writing fantasy and did a wonderful job subtly reminding the reader that the story takes place in another world. What I thought was going to end up happening was off base, so the ending was a total surprise - that was amazing! While the story isn't laugh out loud funny, it does have its moments. WHAT DO YOU SAY TO A NAKED ELF? is fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable, I highly recommend this book for a fun read.

Posted May 29, 2005

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted December 7, 2006


Jane Drysdale's life is nothing out of the ordinary-until her reckless driving catapults her into an odd fairy-tale world that promises both an epic destiny and an unforgettable love.


What Do You Say To A Naked Elf?
by Cheryl Sterling

Love Spell
January 1, 2005
Available: January 1, 2005
ISBN #0505526190
EAN #9780505526199
320 pages
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