"This series is a definite keeper!"

This is the third novel in the series, though there is a short story, Red Moon Rising, in an anthology called Stroke of Midnight.

In Dark Moon we meet another of the Jäger-Suchers, but this time Dr. Elise Hanover is not of the kick ass type as her predecessors though she does possess a dry wit and sharp mind and she is keeping a dark secret.

Dr. Elise Hanover has been working on a antidote for werewolfism for years and when FBI agent Nic Franklin, the man she loved and left years ago, shows up asking uncomfortable questions, her lab is firebombed and a very dangerous test subject escapes. The only way to save Nic and herself is to head for Fairhaven Wisconsin, where the Jäger-Suchers, Jesse and Will Cadotte (Blue Moon), and Leigh and Damien Fitzgerald (Hunter's Moon) are currently investigating some strange disappearances involving lots of blood but no bodies.

Nic Franklin is full of questions regarding Elise's work and why she disappeared all those years ago and is not inclined to be run out of town by Edward even when Nic's FBI superiors call him off. Something strange is going on and Nic is determined to stay with Elise until he figures it out.

When Elise is forced to reveal her dark secret, it's met with understandable suspicion from most of the other members of the team, and once again Elise feels like an outsider.

Elise never stopped loving Nic and when things heat up between them Nic discovers the depth of the feelings she had for him and her reluctance to admit him into her life again.

This series is a definite keeper, terrific witty repartee, interesting plot lines, well developed characters, some really funny lines and well done intimate scenes, excellent continuity, just an all over great book in a great series.

Courtesy: Eternal Night

Reviewed by Leola Brooks
Posted December 7, 2006


Under a dark moon temptation is just beginning...

When dusk falls, nightmares become reality...

Dr. Elise Hanover quite literally lives for her job—since quitting would mean meeting a silver bullet with her name on it. She works alone, struggling to unlock the mysteries of an affliction that should only exist in nightmares. But Elise knows from personal experience just how real it is. Because the first time its deadly power pulsed through her veins was the last time she saw the love of her life. Until now...

and forbidden passion is unleashed...

The surprise visit from FBI agent Nic Franklin is merely the first in a series of shocks. After her lab is firebombed and her most bloodthirsty test subject escapes, Elise and Nic have no choice but to join forces. Unfortunately, the situation in remote Fairhaven, Wisconsin is far from safe: Nic has too many questions about Elise's work and why she deserted him years ago; townsfolk are disappearing, and Elise feels her own condition intensifying in ways as terrifying and exhilarating as her rekindled attraction to Nic. Now, as a shadowy evil closes in, it's becoming all too clear that Elise is the only one who can stop it—if it doesn't stop her first...


Dark Moon
(Nightcreature: Book 3)
by Lori Handeland

St. Martin's Press
July 1, 2005
Available: June 28, 2005
ISBN #0312991363
EAN #9780312991364
352 pages
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