"Move over Prince Charming! There's a new frog in town!"

Dragged from his bed in the middle of the night, Craig Thibodeaux finds himself facing the bayous Voodoo Queen. When he is cursed for NOT being interested in her granddaughter, Craig thinks it's a joke until he wakes up the next morning a frog! Suddenly he starts taking the Voodoo Queen seriously and realizes he has less than two weeks to get a woman to fall in love with him or spend the rest of his life as a bullfrog, and he doesn't have a prospect to even start with.

Elaine Smith is a genius dedicated to her research. But when she finds her fiancÚ making out with another woman and he accuses her of being more interested in her work than him, she realizes the truth in his statements. So, rather than sending an intern to collect the water samples she needs from Bayou Miste, she decides to get out of her laboratory and goes herself.

I liked Craig as a human because while he knew he had to find some one to fall in love with him, he wasn't out to hurt or use anyone to break his spell. Elaine walks into his life and seems like the perfect target but because she is so innocent and naive he didn't want to break her heart because he didn't want to settle down. I got more than a few laughs from his frustration of being a frog -- getting stuck in a room because he couldn't open the door, for one.

Elaine does a lot of growing as a character -- she gets out of her lab, associated with other people that aren't scientists and learns that just because she is a child genius, she didn't have to give up her life as an adult too. Another reason I like Elaine is because she is easy to fluster - Craig is one of the best looking guys she has ever seen. So sometimes her brain mixes the yummy thoughts she has about him with the actual conversation she is having with the man. Some of her misspoken words were funnier than others, but this was hilarious!

Elle James has written a truly enjoyable fractured fairy tale with her version TO KISS A FROG. This was such a fun read! The story has a quick light pace and even the final confrontation was humorously written. If you are looking for a light funny read this is a book that I would recommend.

Posted May 29, 2005

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted December 7, 2006


Wanted: Single woman, very nearsighted, who doesn't care about height (3") or skin flaws (green and bumpy) who can see past minor details. Craig Thibodeaux was cursed. Frog by day and man by night , he had until the next full moon to break the spell by finding someone to love him. Elaine Smith seemed perfect. She was beautiful and smart, and even passionate about frogs. And truth be told, he'd been a bit more frog than Prince Charming even before he'd tangled with the Voodoo Queen. Elaine deserved more. She deserved to be the queen of someone's lily pad: a wife. While fighting more than one fly in the ointment, the magic of a single kiss brings Craig to realize fairytale endings really can come true.


Too Kiss a Frog
by Elle James

Love Spell (Faerie Tale Romance)
March 1, 2005
Available: March 5, 2005
ISBN #0505526204
EAN #9780505526205
310 pages
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