"Laird seeks lady of secrets and magic"

Love casts its spell in the Highlands, as a warrior seeks a miracle from a mysterious lady of secrets and magic...." Well, with an intro like that, of course I HAD to read this book! I am glad I did.

Laird Alex MacDunn needed a cure for his dying son. His wise-woman told him the child's only chance was to "fetch the witch MacSween". Arriving the day they were to burn the witch, he thought to buy her, but when his offer was refused he resorted to the "madness" he was known for and rescued her. Was she rescued? Or was this changing one jailer for another

Gwendolyn was going to be burned as a witch just as her mother had been. All because of the greedy, ambitious brother of the Laird MacSween had killed her father and blamed it on her. She wished she did have powers, but she did not. She would have to improvise and act the best she could to maintain even the limited freedom she had with the MacDunns. She grew to love young David and the "mad laird". His madness was his grief over the death of his wife and the illness of his child. She must battle the fears and the well-meaning and not so well-intentioned efforts of this clan; even attempts on her life. Gwen does not believe she has powers. Her mother's death and her father's fears for her prevented her from the training she needed. The wise-woman Morag does have powers and she is aware that Gwen will grow into a powerful witch someday.

Her efforts were making positive changes not only in his son, but his whole clan... and Alex MacDunn was unwillingly falling in love with the witch. Gwen was finding an acceptance and peace that she had never had in her life. When the attack of the MacSweens would put her new clan in danger, she chooses to leave the castle. Morag advises MacDunn and he comes to her rescue again.

The tale itself was well written and kept my interest and the little blips of magic in the story were not overdone; so this book is rated as Historical romance. I think paranormal fans will enjoy it, too.


I have food allergies, and find it a pleasant surprise to see this... and diet cure as part of the book. Few realize that food allergies can be life threatening and it was a different approach to the "mysterious illness". It is one of the tidbits in this book that attracted me. The fact that what we consider knowledge here would be considered magic then, and the subtle way the plot is woven.

The scenes where Gwen unknowingly calls storms are the main extent of her power in this book, but the ending shows that now that she is accepted and loved her powers will grow and could be passed onto her daughters. I would like to have seen her come more into her own before the end of the story, but the story seems to be mostly of her growth in confidence as well as love. I have hopes there is a sequel brewing, but no mention was made.

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 12, 2001


Suspected of witchcraft, Gwendolyn MacSween has been condemned to being burned at the stake at the hands of her own clan. Yet rescue comes from a most unlikely source. Mad Alex MacDunn, laird of the mighty rival clan MacDunn, is a man whose past is scarred with tragedy and loss. His last hope lies in capturing the witch of the MacSweens--and using her magic to heal his dying son. He expects to find an old hag...Instead he finds a young woman of unearthly beauty. There's only one problem: Gwendolyn has no power to bewitch or to heal. Now she must pretend to be a sorceress-- or herself perish. But can she use her common sense to save Alex's son, and her natural powers as a woman to enchant a fierce and handsome Highland warrior--before a dangerous enemy destroys them both?


The Witch And The Warrior
by Karyn Monk

June 1, 1998
ISBN #0553577603
EAN #9780553577600
339 pages
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