"humorous fantasy"

Angry with her Wyvern Green Dragon mate Drake for betraying her again, Demon Lord Guardian Aisling Grey moves to London so that her mentor Nora Charles can train her as much as to get away from her estranged spouse. Her demon familiar Jim the Newfoundlander canine is disgusted with Aisling and Drake as their on and off relationship is making him ill.

However Drake follows her as they are pledged to one another. Meanwhile the imp populace screams for vengeance against her because Jim snacked on their ruler. They try assassination, but when that fails they declare war, which brings a protective Drake back in her life. Aisling reflects that having a hunk like Drake to make love with proves more satisfactory than reading the guardian handbooks and technical manuals. Besides she must deal with the imps and try not to remove any more toes from Jim.

Once gain Aisling Grey will fire up readers with her amusing asides that reflect on life amongst the paranormal. The story line is fast-paced as the heroine seems to figuratively boil an ocean to make a hot drink while everyone seems to want to either slay her or protect her. Fans will appreciate the war with the imps that hide a deeper more dangerous assault on Aisling and those she cares about. Once again Katie MacAlister provides a humorous fantasy.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted November 5, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 5, 2006


An Aisling Grey, Guardian Novel

It's not easy being a demon lord, a Guardian, and a wyvern's mate all at once. Luckily, I just moved to London to study all things Guardian with my mentor. A new start is just what I need since being betrayed (again!) by Drake, wyvern of the green dragons. Though I'm supposedly immortal, I'm not so sure my heart can take another beating.

But I'm still officially Drake's mate—and my presence is required at a meeting of the green dragons. How I'm going to keep my distance from that fire-breathing hunk is beyond me. It doesn't help that several attempts have been made on my life. Or that I'm wanted by the entire otherworldly population of imps since Jim, my doggie demon sidekick, accidentally ate their ruler. Being an alpha-dragon and all, Drake is sure to get protective of me. Which might not be a bad thing when war breaks out and all hell breaks loose—literally...

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Light My Fire
(Aisling Grey, Guardian: Book 3)
by Katie MacAlister

November 1, 2006
Available: November 7, 2006
ISBN #0451219821
EAN #9780451219824
352 pages
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