"Four amusing erotic contemporary romantic fantasies"

Prologue. Aphrodite visits the office of CUPID, INC. run by her favorite offspring Eros and his wife Psyche. The business partners explain to his mom that these modern times pose difficult problems in the art of turning lust into love. Though believing an old fashion arrow remains the best remedy, Aphrodite agrees to help.

The Accountant and the Virgin. Sara tells Psyche she wants her boss Zeth or his doppelganger to remove her from the virgin club. Instead she is given the wrong address and ends up seeing Nic the accountant, who wants to count her ledger from the moment he sees her.

The Stars in Her Eyes. Action thriller star Kevan wanted to say no, but he owes Psyche for saving his life. He changes his mind when Janie arrives and cleverly dispatches an annoying reporter. Though an alleged one time fantasy, both wants each other for dessert.

One Mile Up ... A Little to the Left. At a Max-Out magazine event celebrating Monet, Karee and Bret meet. Cupid, Inc. invited both on a mile high flight in their specially arranged jet-erotica. The pair shares a flying fantasy with each wanting to soar again without a plane.

The Spy Who Rubbed Me. His mother demands Paul, a retired jewel thief, steal Aphrodite's golden apple at the Vegas Troy Casino under the auspices of Cupid, Inc. Paul is chased into Manzana Café where the owner and her daughter Helen protect him. Paul and Helen team up to steal the apple, fall in love, but compete with Greek Gods for the prize.

These four amusing erotic contemporary romantic fantasies cleverly apply the theme of the Greek Gods interfering (in these cases matchmaking and more) in the lives of mortals.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted January 31, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 5, 2006


It's not easy to fall in love—especially in Sin City. Nobody knows this better than Greek deities Psyche and Eros, who keep a watchful eye on the mortals in Las Vegas. With a little divine intervention from Aphrodite and the rest of the gods and goddesses, Psyche and Eros set out to fulfill the sexual fantasies of their clients, hoping to turn lust into love.



Cupid, Inc.
by Michele Bardsley

February 1, 2006
Available: February 7, 2006
ISBN #0451217578
EAN #9780451217578
272 pages
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