"Awesome epic fantasy novel!"

Wintertide - A time of great change between the seasons as well as events in Khamsin's life. She has an assignation placed on her at birth and therefore it is her destiny to be claimed by the evil sorcerer before her eighteenth birthday. Instead her world is destroyed and she sets out on a path to avenge those who died and to seek out knowledge.

Khamsin has been raised in the small village of Cirrus Cove and taught the Healing Arts and the magic necessary to help her survive. While she dutifully married her husband, she doesn't know/love. Then on her eighteenth birthday, the Hill Raiders attack her village. Rylan, the tinker rescues her after a horrible beating and saves her from getting hung as a witch. Traveling with her cat Nixa and Rylan, she falls in love.

Ms Sinclair became one of my favorite authors when I read AN ACCIDENTAL GODDESS (actually written as Megan Sybil Baker). While it is one of my favorite books WINTERTIDE is actually the prequel, so read this one first! They are stand-alone books, but so much of the history becomes clear reading them in order.

WINTERTIDE is a journey for Khamsin that tests everything she believes in from who the Hill-Raiders are to the Gods she prays too, as well as those she doesn't. Khamsin has so many bad things happen in her young life it is amazing! However rather than giving into defeat, she uses each tragedy to become stronger so she can free the country from the fighting demigods by destroying the Orb of Knowledge.

While it seems like Khamsin is alone most of the story, I was drawn to the visual images as well as emotions that Ms Sinclair has written. This applies to everything from the varying scenery to the eeriness portrayed by the crows.

I love Nixa, her cat. While most secondary characters are human -- Nixa, I think fills this roll. She has a mental bond with Khamsin that adds joy to the story that alleviates tension. Also, her simple presence and single word thoughts made me laugh.

I thought WINTERTIDE was a very well written novel that invokes a wide range of emotions. I'm so glad Ms Sinclair's novels will get printed mainstream because she is an exceptional author and one I think everyone should know about. You can't miss this book!

Posted August 16, 2004

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted December 5, 2006



For centuries the Infernal War has been waged by witches and sorcerers to control the Orb of Knowledge. The war must end. Then, at Wintertide, the Hill Raiders attack the village of Cirrus Cove.

The sea captain's daughter is raped, and a child conceived. "If the child is to be who the stones say she will, it's best I raise her. She will live with me."Bronya the Healer accepts the responsibility of caring for the unborn child.

Having read the truth in the Stones, Bronya tends the birth and, in the midst of a maelstrom, takes the babe to her cave. Warded now by the signs and symbols of magick, Bronya keeps the child, Khamsin, safe from the Sorcerer.

On the eve of Khamsin's eighteenth birthday, the Hill Raiders, those who wreaked havoc upon her mother, come again. They murder the inhabitants of her village, her husband and her family. Blaming Khamsin for witchery, for bringing the scourge down upon them, the survivors of Cirrus Cove nearly take her life. The enigmatic Tinker, selling pots and pans, heals Khamsin. And he accompanies her on a journey that magick omens have directed her to take.

One of them knows the truth. One of them is seeking, just as she is sought. The war for the Orb is about to end. But only love can win it.

Previously released in electronic format under the pseudonym, Megan Sybil Baker

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Epic Fantasy


by Linnea Sinclair

Medallion Press
June 1, 2004
Available: June 1, 2004
ISBN #1932815074
EAN #9781932815078
316 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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