"Chef and Magician can cook up love in spite of Zeus"

Ms. Nance has combined Greek fables and modern times for a humor filled romance [even for us who barely know the fables]. Zeus has plans for winning back his wife Hera. Part of his plan is to choose one woman from each of the family trees he created and fix their love life. 

Zeus starts with Joy Taylor from the line of Io who he had once transformed into a cow to hide her from Hera. Joy has not only been unlucky in love, she is severely allergic to cow by-products. Zeus recognizes the look of the trickster, Hermes as Mark's ancestor and does not like that he has returned to Joy's life. Hera steps in before Zeus makes a total mess of things, but is it soon enough?

Matthew Mark Hennessy strolled back into Louisiana and Joy's life after 7 years. Mark is in town to perform at the Mushroom Festival which Joy is working on but this is simply his cover for his mission to recover a stolen book of ancient magic. Joy's prospective boss is the suspected book thief which has Mark wondering if Joy is involved. Mark is using Joy's barn to rehearse his act in exchange for helping Joy with some chores on her mother's ostrich farm. He was there for the book but has no objections to rekindling old love. An aspiring chef, Joy was no longer a gullible girl and had no intention of being distracted from her goals by the magician.

Although you are reading of Olympus and Magician's tricks, it has a contemporary romance feel to it rather than a fantasy. For a light romance guaranteed to boost your spirits, I can highly recommend this book. THE WARRIOR is the next Olympus book with Zeus and Hera as matchmakers. 

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 12, 2001


Long after she'd given up on his return, Matthew Mark Hennessy strolled back into Joy Taylor's life, bolder than Hermes when he stole Apollo's cattle. But Joy was no longer the girl who had so easily trusted him with her heart. An aspiring chef, she had no intention of being distracted by the fireworks the magician sparked in her. But with a kiss silkier than her custard cream, he melted away her defenses. And she knew the master showman had performed the greatest trick of all: setting her heart afire. ======

Mark had traveled to Louisiana to uncover the truth, not to rekindle an old passion. But Joy set him sizzling. It was not her cooking that had him salivating, but the sway of her hips. And though magicians never divulged their secrets, Joy tempted him to confide his innermost desires. In a flash Mark realized their passion was no illusion, but the magic of true love.


The Trickster
(Sons of Olympus: Book 1)
by Kathleen Nance

Love Spell
June 1, 2000
Available: June 1, 2000
ISBN #0505523825
EAN #9780505523822
400 pages
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