"Immortal High Witch short story"

IMMORTALITY originally released as a short story in the OUT OF THIS WORLD anthology in 2001.

When her beloved husband betrays Puabi to be with his mistress, it was all she could do to pull herself from her burning home and crawl to the cliffs near her house where she falls into the ocean. Badly burned and suffering from smoke inhalation, she still hopes to survive, but if she doesn't at least she has the satisfaction of knowing her husband won't find her body.

An unknown amount of time later, Matthew Fairchild is out boating and sees the body of a woman drifting in the ocean. Pulling her into his boat, he quickly discovers that she is still alive and much to his surprise she the vision of his deceased wife!

Maggie Shayne is an author who never fails to impress me with her writing ability and this is actually the first of her witch stories I've read. IMMORTALITY has inspired me to go and read more of her witch novels.

Puabi is an Immortal High Witch and has given up her soul by killing numerous "light ones" to maintain her life and youth. By tossing herself into the ocean, she dies a thousand deaths, each time restoring herself with a life she had previously stolen. She is a bitter woman, a Queen in her own right and while weak in body strong in will. She desperately needs to be loved, and loved in return. While she comes across as very hard, I actually thought she also came across as very noble, so I liked her as a character.

Matthew lost his wife and unborn child because he was too devoted to his work and very neglectful of his needy wife. Even though he had married her out of duty, Matthew blaims himself for her death and cannot come to terms with her loss. Finding Puabi, he realizes that while she is and was not his wife, she is the type of woman he could very easily love.

This story is very touching and the end was a little bit of a surprise for me. I hadn't read IMMORTALITY in the anthology, and with the current trend of publishing the individual short stories, thought I would give this one a shot. Great story!

Posted March 4, 2006

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted December 4, 2006


Originally published in the anthology, OUT OF THIS WORLD, 08/01.

Acclaimed as one of the masters of paranormal romance, Maggie Shayne enthralled readers with her extraordinary trilogy about a race of immortal witches. Now, she presents the story of an immortal whose existence has centered solely on vengeance and hatred-only to find a second chance at love, redemption-and immortality.

Her name is Puabi—and she's an Immortal High Witch whose past is littered with dark secrets. Convinced she has eluded death for the last time, she is shocked to find herself being rescued by a mysterious stranger who fills her with a desire she thought was lost forever...

His name is Matthew Fairchild—and he is a millionaire tormented by guilt over the tragic death of his wife. The last thing he expected to encounter was a beautiful woman who possessed an uncanny resemblance to the woman he loved and lost. But Puabi is like no one he's ever met before. Is it possible this enigmatic beauty can heal the bitter wounds that have nearly cost him his heart?


(Immortal Witches: Book 4)
by Maggie Shayne

Jove Pubns
October 1, 2005
Available: October 4, 2005
ISBN #0515140783
EAN #9780515140781
96 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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