"Katie works her magic again!"

Well, Katie Mac is at it again. What do they feed her? I don't know of any writer who is as prolific or as much fun. Humor is hard to write, harder for reader to often catch. What has one person laughing hysterically, will see another stone-faced. Well, a few get stone-faced when they read Katie Macalister. They complains about the story line being unbelievable or a farce. Well, not for one moment do I think Ms. Macalister every expected anyone to take her books serious. She wants you to read for simple pleasure and to laugh till your ribs hurt. As usual, Katie Mac delivers with both - simple pleasures and laughing till your ribs hurt. People can huff and say I won't buy her again because she is silly. Well, guess what, we do buy her for that very reason. She is a FUN read. Period. She is not offering earthshaking discussions on the perils of life. She is taking you an a rollercoaster ride into - well, who knows where she will take us next! I always arrive at the end feeling happy for having enjoyed myself so!

I utterly adored Aisling Grey in You Slay Me. I mean who would not adore her boyfriend Drake who is a dragon...hum wyvern? I think that Drake is a dragon...hum...wyvern was a clue the book was not going to be serious! The next in the series of dragon tales...wyvern tales...sees Aisling fulfilling her role as Guardian. It's not easy being a person suddenly in charge of portals straight to Hell. With these new demanding chores for her Guardian role, she thinks it wise to bone up and decides to check up on the necessary skills by checking in to a Guardian convention held in Budapest (and here we thought it was just another Trekkie...hum..Trekker gathering!). Her former job was curious for her uncle, what landed her in the lap of Drake in the first tale. Since she is heading in the right direction she agrees to courier another item of antiquity. Okay, Aisling, didn't you learn about this in You Slay Me?

Thankfully, not!!

The romance between Drake Vireo and Aisling is still in WIP stage, since this book follows only a month after You Slay Me. Drake for those who missed the first book (Go read the first book!!!) is the leader of the Green Dragons. However sexy Drake is in, whether in Dragon form or human form, Aisling is till adjusting to the idea of having a dragon...hum...wyvern for a steady beau.

There are various things causing the road to romance to be bumpy, such as thieves other's of Drakes Ilk on the prowl, murder and mayhem.

There are more books in the Aisling series coming, though not as fast as Katie Mac usually puts them out. Hey, ease up people. The woman has been doing a book a month (well, all most) for nearly two years. Let her have a well earned vacation.

I will be there waiting for more wyvern tales when they arrive. This made the New York Times Best Sellers list. It only shows the popularity of this fascinating and fun writer.

Posted May 23, 2005

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted December 4, 2006


An Aisling Grey, Guardian Novel

I'm Aisling Grey, and apparently I'm irresistible...

Being quite the novice Guardian/Keeper of the Gates to Hell, I decided to get in touch with my otherworldly self by attending a convention of supernatural beings in Budapest. For my other career as a courier (with a somewhat tarnished reputation), I have to deliver a priceless amulet to a hermit, much to the amusement of Jim, my wise-cracking fury Newfoundland demon. He should be happy that I was able to squeak through customs with a talking dog...

And guess who just happens to be staying at the same hotel as I am? Drake. You remember him. The Wyvern of the Green Dragons? My so-called "mate?" The man who literally fires me up, and makes me act like a love-struck schoolgirl? That Drake. Meanwhile, mortal men are falling at my feet. I don't know if it's the Hungarian air or what, but it's downright embarrassing. All I want to do is find a Guardian mentor to help me control my powers. Should be easy—except that every Guardian I meet with winds up dead. I'm starting to get a complex...

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Fire Me Up
(Aisling Grey, Guardian: Book 2)
by Katie MacAlister

Signet (Eclipse)
May 1, 2005
Available: May 3, 2005
ISBN #0451214943
EAN #9780451214942
368 pages
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