"Great romantic futuristic speculative fiction"

Sinya the space pirate worries about his younger brother, Wes, whom he raised and kept safe when the lad's weird skills made him an outcast. However, those skills have become so excruciatingly painful, Wes has gone into a coma, which Sinya assumes is self-induced, to escape his torment. Desperate Sinya knows of the galaxies-wide reputation as a healer of Beulah the witch.

Sinya and his crew land near Beulah's home. He carries the unconscious Wes to her. She realizes the time has come for her confrontation with evil and that Wes' problem is caused by a lack of control over his abilities. Before she can truly work her magic on the comatose empath, the evil mystic Hortra captures Wes' soul on the mystic plane. Sinya and Beulah must join forces if they are to save his sibling and others in a fight that occurs as much in a mystical realm where she is the warrior as on the mundane plane.

This reviewer is a big fan of Angela Verdenius, who consistently writes some of the best romantic futuristic works of speculative fiction on the market today (and for the past few years). Her latest thriller is action- packed, filled with heated romance and adventure in outer space and especially on the mystical plane. The powerful cast grips the audience, who feel Sinya's deep love for his sibling and the healer while trying to hide how much he cares about people especially his loyal crew. Beulah owns the tale as a strong female who also loves deeply and also cares about people. Together they make quite a team and story as they oppose an incredibly evil enemy. As expected SOUL OF A WITCH is a novel filled with heart and soul.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted August 21, 2005

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 4, 2006


In a bid to save a boy's soul from powerful dark forces, a famous witch and a notorious pirate must unite. Together they will face the mysteries of the unknown, and an inheritance of powers untapped. But will it destroy Beulah and Sinya's growing love?


Soul of a Witch
(Heart and Soul series - book 8)
by Angela Verdenius

Wings e-Press
June 1, 2005
ISBN #1590884639
EAN #9781590884638
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