"The stunning conclusion to a great fantasy trilogy"

This is the best book, yet, that this reviewer has read by the talented Elaine Corvidae. This conclusion to the LORD OF WIND AND FIRE trilogy will leave readers breathless and wishing it didn't have to end.

This story starts up where book 2, THE CROW QUEEN, left off, with Yozerf thought dead by his companions and his mate, Suchen Keblava. What they don't realize is that he did in fact escape the fiery aftermath of their climactic battle in Segg, though he suffered some grave injuries and a bout of amnesia. He is found in wolf form, by a young human girl who nurses him back to health. Once recovered, he and Owl, as he has dubbed the child, head off in search of the rest of his pack... and Suchen.

Suchen, Londah, Lord Auglar and their remaining companions are on their way to Kellsjard in hopes to regroup and have another chance to make their stand against enemies so Auglar can win his rightful place as King of Jenel. Along the way they run into many difficulties and start to lose hope. Angler's beloved wife is thought dead, most of his Sworn have been killed, and Suchen tries to overcome her heartbreak over losing Yozerf.

On his journey, Yozerf finds himself to be the head of a band of refugees that is made up of all races, human, Wolfkin, and Aclytese, all hoping to escape the destruction as well. Suchen, Londah and Auglar are in for the surprise of their lives however, when they finally find refuge at Vorslava, formerly their rival Fellrant's keep. However, circumstances are still dire and everyone's last hope resides in Yozerf, and the ancient magic of his bloodline. Can they ever really win this war and will Yozerf's fate be enough to save the land and his people?

This story is incredible! Beautifully written with vivid imagery and strong plot, Ms. Corvidae once again enchants her readers with her otherworldly tale. She also has incredibly talent for getting to her reader's hearts and emotions. This reviewer laughed, screamed, cheered, and cried throughout this story. Some scenes are so heart- wrenching that one will want to have some tissues on hand for wiping up the tears bound to flow as a result.

All the loose ends from the previous two books are tied up and resolved in such a way that fans are more then satisfied at the turn of events. They will also learn much more about Ax and Jahcgroth and their roles in the chain of events and their reasons behind it. Readers also get a more in depth look into Yozerf's origins, learning his history as he does. Londah remains a mystery in many ways, but readers will also get more of a glimpse into her past as well. She is this reviewer's favorite character in the trilogy, with her pent up remorse over things done and her ever present love for her son. She is such a complex character that readers still may not know by the end of this book, everything about her and why she is who she is.

The conclusion to this book, and the trilogy, is so incredibly climactic that one will be left breathless when all the dust settles in the final battle. It is shocking, stunning, dramatic, and intense, gripping all of the emotions of the readers tightly in its grasp. Villains finally get what they deserve, and the real heroes shine forth in all their glory. Brilliantly done Ms. Corvidae! No one can read this book and not feel some stirring of emotions. And THAT is the mark of a wonderful storyteller. This reviewer has become a lifelong fan after reading this incredible saga in its entirety.

Kelley A. Hartsell, August 2004. All rights reserved.
Courtesy Love Romances
Posted November 28, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 4, 2006


As the armies of Argannon sweep south across the Kellsmarch, Jenel's forces frantically organize to stop them. Caught in between are the common people of Jenel, driven from their homes by the horrors of war. After their harrowing escape from Segg, Suchen, Auglar, and their companions find themselves lost in the midst of anonymous masses of refugees. Devoid of hope, they want only to return to Kellsjard and lick their wounds. But the journey is long, and the dangers many. Lost to his friends, Yozerf must also make his way back to Kellsjard, his only companion an eight year old human girl. But as conditions continue to deteriorate, he soon finds himself at the head of an army of refugees men, women, and children, human, Aclyte, and Wolfkin. And as opposing armies converge on them, the fate of the kingdom itself may lie in his hands....


Dragon's Son
(Lord of Wind and Fire Book 3)
by Elaine Corvidae

Mundania Press LLC
December 1, 2004
Available: November 30, 2004
ISBN #1594260613
EAN #9781594260612
233 pages
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