"Jackson fire that is divine!"

Melanie Jackson is simply a beautiful writer. I could sit and read her prose without worrying where the words would carry me, just enjoying the beauty of her craft. This gift is coupled with a second talent -- a vivid imagination. Jackson has taken us to Scotland where seven tears summons a Selkie and a ghost of a lonely piper still haunts and ancient castle. She lured us down moonlit moors where smugglers still plied their trade. More recently she has been taking us on one wild ride as the host of Fae fight the encroaching menace of the Goblin Horde as they peddle their dangerous Goblin fruit (and by the way, they were likely responsible for the mess in several cities of late!). These tales mark Jackson as one of the most original writers in Paranormal Romance. Often in Romance, you see books being similar. No one touches Jackson. She boldly blazes forth to write highly fresh tales, and Divine Fire is yet again one of these brilliant gems.

This time Jackson pokes her finger at Lord Byron and Frankenstein. What really happened that weekend when they Shelleys, Byron and John Polidori wrote their tales of vampires and monsters? Well, to learn the answer, you must approach Damien Ruthven. A man with dark secrets and long memories of that night over a hundred years ago.

Brice Ashton has written a biography about Lord Byron. She is surprised to get a message from Ruthven telling her she made three mistakes. Three mistakes only he holds the knowledge to correct. Intrigued, Brice accepts the invitation with the belief Ruthven has in his possession documents about Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb. Only the knowledge is not on paper, it's locked inside Damien's head.

In 1816, Dr. Johann Dippel invites Lord Byron to his chateau with the offer of curing his epilepsy. He did. But it had side effects that have caused ripples through the centuries. Ruthven's summoning of Brice now puts her in danger as there are those who want Ruthven to atone for that long ago night when vampires and monsters were born.

To say any more than that, would take the edge off this highly charged romance tale that delivers on so many levels. Once again, Jackson weaves her magic as few can do!

Posted February 28, 2005

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted December 4, 2006


In 1816, Lord Byron stayed at the castle of Dr. Johann Dippel, the inspiration for Mary Shelley's Baron von Frankenstein. The doctor promised a cure for his epilepsy. That "cure" changed him forever.

In the 21st century, Brice Ashton wrote a book. Like all biographies of famous persons, hers on Lord Byron was sent to critics in advance. One Damien Ruthven responded. He suggested her work contained two errors—and that only he could give her the truth. His words held hints of long-lost knowledge; were fraught with danger, deception...and desire. And his eyes showed the experience of centuries. Damien promised to share his secrets. But first, Brice knew, she would have to share herself with him.

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Divine Fire
(Divine: Book 1)
by Melanie Jackson

Love Spell
February 1, 2005
Available: February 1, 2005
ISBN #0505526107
EAN #9780505526106
339 pages
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