"A compelling futuristic romance"

Oriel's entire life revolved around her career as a soldier. She's never even thought of doing anything else. One evening, a drastic measure taken changes her life forever. She is branded a traitor, thrown out of the army, and left to her own devices. She is at the mercy of the outlaws when one sympathetic act becomes her salvation.

Jase is one of the Daamen traders, of a race that treasures women above all else. When he sees the young former soldier in dire straits, his heart reaches out to her and he can do no other than offer his protection and bring her on board his ship.

As Oriel recovers from her injuries, she must come to terms with the change in her life. She is at a loss for what to do now, for she has no future plans. In her time with Jase and his crew aboard ship, the two of them grow ever closer, though Oriel resists the allure of her rescuer. Just as she is finding some sense of normalcy, her life is in arrears again with the shocking discovery of treasonous plots against the government. No one is as they seem and truths are found to be lies. Is the tender new relationship between Oriel and Jase strong enough to see them through this latest crisis?

As always, Angela Verdenius has written a compelling futuristic romance with Heart of a Traitor. Readers are drawn into a complex society that spans hearts and galaxies and are taken on adventures they can only imagine. The world building is intricately done, from the rigid society of the military, to the worlds of outlaws and pirates. One will feel as if (s)he is on board the space ship shooting through hyperspace with Jase and company, experiencing life on the different planets as the journey progresses.

Oriel is a proud soldier, known for her skills as the best sniper in the military. This has been her life since she was a teen escaping a troubled life. When it all is stripped away due to conflicting loyalties, she has no idea how to live. The surprising freedom, if a branded traitor can be considered free, leaves her in a place to explore the sides of herself always locked under tight control. Jase is of a race known for their desire to shelter and protect their women. From the first moment he sees Oriel in a bar, something about her compels him. When the opportunity arises to protect her from harm, he immediately steps in to the fray, loyal crew members at his side. Watching the relationship develop between the two will make readers wish they will find the happy ending both so deserve.

Kelley A. Hartsell, February 2006. All rights reserved.
Courtesy CK2S Kwips and Kritiques
Posted April 25, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 3, 2006


Military traitors are flogged, branded, and left for the outlaws...Disgraced ex-sniper Oriel finds herself falling for her rescuer, the dangerously handsome Daamen trader, Jase. But no one is as they seem, a dark plot draws her ever inward, the law is closing in - and she's neck-deep in treason.


Heart of a Traitor
(Heart and Soul series: Book 9)
by Angela Verdenius

Wings e-Press
December 1, 2005
ISBN #1597050245
EAN #9781597050241
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